Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review: Obama's Blackberry by Kasper Hauser

Okay, this Blackberry nut will admit to loving the stories that came out in the news about Obama's reticence to give up his "crackberry." I totally understood, and thought about how I'd feel if it were taken from me. I actually won this book from Drey's Library, so thank you for holding this giveaway, and also a thank you to Hatchette for offering these giveaways for book bloggers. Thanks all around!

Synopsis: Obama's Blackberry is exactly that, the president's correspondence via his Blackberry. Told in short email, text messages, and graphics, this little book takes you through a series of humorous conversations we think we might see on our new president's phone. The ones I found to be the funniest, were the ones from George W., and the "trick" emails to Joe Biden. (There was one really funny one about a Tickle Me Elmo that the president found in the Oval Office that had me laughing out loud!)

Review: As a short, coffee-table style book, this comic take on Obama's communication was hilarious in a lot of politically savvy sort of ways. If you didn't know who some of the characters were in the book, you wouldn't understand completely why they were so funny, but it still could make you giggle. Not that I completely understood who all of the people were, but I laughed at some references, such as to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. I also laughed really hard at a forward from Sarah Palin to the president. They are obviously satirizing many situations and people in our current political climate, and I found it to be really light and funny! It was definitely what I've needed to break my non-reading rut with all of the online grading I've been doing.

For more information, see: Obama's BlackBerry.


  1. Ide rather read Palins iphone but I'll have to wait four years for that one..maybe her and Rush next time around.

  2. Nice review!

    I just nominated you for the Humane Award - stop on by to pick it up.

  3. this looks entertaining ... in a coffee table sort of way, as you say!