Thursday, June 4, 2009

48 Hour Marathon, Travels, and Moving

I'm loving the Portland Airport, with its free WiFi! I haven't been connected in a couple of days (other than my beloved Blackberry), and it has really driven me crazy. Yes, I sense an addiction here. Anyway, I am on my way to Hawaii for the summer, and CAN'T WAIT to get there, to see my mom, and also to finally have that much-anticipated time to read on the beach. Ah! I feel skin cancer lurking around the corner...must pick up that extra SPF!

Besides traveling to Hawaii, I have to say that I've been frantically moving out of my rental house, all in the last two days! Did I know I had to move that soon? NO! It has been so incredibly stressful, but I am now officially homeless, my furniture and possessions are (for the most part) all housed in a nice little storage shed, waiting for my builders to get their financing so that they can get going on my new townhouse. I so can't wait for a new house (I even got to go pick out materials for it...just in case they start while I'm away). I'm excited for the new place, but not excited about the frantic move pushed on me by my landlord. At least he let me know THREE DAYS before I left for Hawaii. Getting back here before my lease was up would have been really difficult, so thanks to Kyle, my aunt & uncle, a great teacher friend that I work with, and several neighbors for helping me make it all work somehow.

Now on to the exciting 48-hour Challenge! I'm actually really excited to participate, and after the week I've had, really eager to spend this weekend blogging, reading, and reviewing other blogs. It should be great. I hope you're joining in as well? If not, check out the information about the Fourth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge over at Mother Reader's Blog.

Also, don't forget to join me in my "Rejuvenate & Renew" Challenge going on all summer! I'm excited to read some of those "self-help"/how to books that I have kept pushing aside for all those other great books in my pile. :) Please, check it out and join with us! Our numbers are small, but we are eager and excited to learn some new, helpful things this summer.

Well, until I hit the sunny shores of Oahu, Mahalo!


  1. I wish I would have known about your moving! We totally would have come to help! I hope you have fun in Hawaii. Just sit and read and don't think about what awaits us in the fall...I'm already starting to get sad when I think about going back...oh well...we've got two and a half months of rest and relaxation and time with our families! Have fun!

  2. Enjoy Hawaii! Too bad you had to deal with all that stress before leaving...