Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Release Dates: Jane Austen Sequels & Period Pieces

For those involved in the Everything Austen Challenge, being held by Stephanie's Written World (which I'll post about on July 1st), you might be interested in some of the following books being released. Coming out later this fall are two really delightful Pride and Prejudice sequels: Loving Mr. Darcy, by Sharon Lathan, and Darcy and Anne, by Judith Brocklehurst. Both of these books come out in September, so I'll be posting my detailed reviews some time in August. For now, let me give you a taste!

Loving Mr. Darcy is the second book in Lathan's sequel series, following her first book Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. (See my Review: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy.) If you are a purist, I will say that Lathan's novels are a departure from the chaste I-daresn't-look-at-you-let-alone-let-you-touch-my-hand tale; however, as I stated in my review of her first novel, I felt that relinquishing my own prejudice over the Darcys' relationship allowed me to see the beautiful development of this newly married couple. My only sadness or regret with these novels, is that they end!

For more on this devastatingly romantic novel see: Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley

Darcy and Anne is a short, cute novel about Anne de Bourgh. Now that Darcy is out of the picture, what will happen to Anne? Will her health improve? Will her mother allow her to consider marrying another man? Will Anne ever get out from under her mother's iron-grip hold on her life? A delightful little read that I think doesn't tread on any Pride and Prejudice toes too much.

For more information on this cute little read: Darcy and Anne: It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lady Catherine will never find a husband for Anne...

The last release coming out is Georgette Heyer's novel, The Grand Sophy. As I received each of these books at the same time, I thought they released at nearly the same time. Much to my horror, I looked up the release date on this novel, and it comes out on July 1st! Yes, I've started reading the novel, so I hope to get it read and reviewed as soon as possible. Until then, let me just say that if you enjoy Regency fare, this novel has all the trappings of the time period to enjoy. So far, my reading of the novel has been completely delightful.

For more information on Heyer's novel: The Grand Sophy


  1. Thanks for this info about upcoming Austen sequels. I love Austen and anything to do with her. The sequels never come anywhere near to her own works, but they are fun anyway.

  2. The Grand Sophy is related to Austen?

    I'm thinking about joining this challenge. On the one hand, the last thing I need is to join another challenge. On the other hand, reading and watching things related to Austen is really not that much of challenge for me. :)

  3. Jemima -- Definitely love things that bring me back to P&P. I happen to be a big sucker for anything that is related & am not really a purist. Hope one stands out?!? :)

    heidenkind -- No, Heyer's not Austen-related, but the Regency period, which puts me in mind of that time. Agreed, this will be a fun, easy challenge!

  4. "Darcy & Anne" is probably one of the best ideas to follow up P&P without stepping on too many toes because we never really know much about Anne.