Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bloggiesta: Update #2

NOT a good Bloggiesta day for me. I kind of knew that to begin with, but did finish a challenge today. I'd love to say I got the favicon issue resolved, but I haven't had the time, nor energy, so I'll try it again tomorrow!

So, here's what I've accomplished so far.

Hours into Bloggiesta: 33
Hours spent Working: 8
  • I finished the Google Reader Challenge over at The Book Lady's Blog. It took me some pretty substantial time to organize folders, deleted inactive blogs, and read through the 900+ (it was originally over 1,000 before I began organizing, thanks to being gone all week). As I did that, I left comments and caught up on what everyone else was doing. I did part of this challenge yesterday, but finished it several hours ago.
  • I took pictures of my Book Sale loot from today (posted below), of books I've received in the mail (awards & ARCs), and of the books on my "desk" for the post about "What's On Your Desk" that I have ready for this next week.
Although I didn't get as much blogging time for the Bloggiesta done today as I would have liked, I did get a lot of great books at the Book Sale today, and spent some good, quality time with my mom. Okay, now here's the thing though, I really think I have some sort of illness! Take a look at the picture of my haul from today's sale.

What do you think? Do I need help? It was a great sale, even though it was in an enclosed gym, with nothing but giant fans at each open door to try to cool hundreds of people mulling around. It was really hot work, but it obviously didn't deter us in any way! :)


  1. don't need help. You were just supporting the library, right? Great Haul!!

  2. LOL. That looks like a nice pile of books. I had the same problem when I went to the Scholastic Book Sale last week.

  3. LOL >> don't ask us book lovers, we are enablers you know. But, IMO--you are doing just fine (keep it up) no help needed :)

  4. I am totally jealous at all those books! I have been packing this weekend and realizing I have a TON of books, though probably not as many as you own. I went to Barnes & Nobles with a friend yesterday and it was all I had to not buy anything...have to wait till I get to Atlanta.

  5. Yay, books! That's a pretty good haul for $40.

    If buying books is wrong, I don't want to be right. ;)

  6. It looks like you got a lot of great books. Every time I go to one of those sales I forget how crazy they are!

  7. Nah,actually this reminds me of my wife.....Steve Lathan

  8. Wonderful loot! There are five I've read, and they're all really good reads.. you're in for a treat! You have a few there that's on my wishlist as well. Happy reading!!

  9. JoAnn -- That's right! I'm supporting the struggling libraries! :)

    Debbie & Diane -- Thanks for the validation! I think I'm preaching to the choir here in the book blogging world! We all love books so much that we'd stack them to the ceiling and wonder why our homes were getting so crowded! LOL.

    Jess -- Good luck on your move!

    heidenkind & Lovesromances -- Yay! I love the validation! :) I shared my piles with the right crowds!

    Steve -- Thank you so much for dropping in to validate my love of books! Your wife's are DEFINITELY high up there for me. In fact, not only do I have ARCs, but I turned right around and bought a copy as well to push $$$ her way to keep her writing! :) I'm glad she's a book hoarder like I am!

    claire -- I'm glad to hear that some of these are going to be a real treat!