Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bloggiesta: Finish Line

I've crossed the finish line! Let me echo everyone who has already thanked Natasha at Maw Books Blog, by adding my own thanks for this challenge. I didn't get anywhere near the number of things accomplished that I wanted to, but I did get a few things done. Here's my tally.

Hours Completed: 10 hours spent blogging (see goals below), 48 hours to Challenge
  • One book review written and posted below.
  • Book giveaway ready to launch.
  • I tried to mess with my URL, but decided that it might not be worth all the redirection that I'd need to set up. At least it's not worth it quite yet.
  • I also tried to set up my favicon (as you can see, it's been unsuccessful so far), and will need to keep tinkering away on that one.
  • I changed my gravatar to reflect the rose that I use as my picture of choice, rather than my personal picture that pops up on self-hosted blogs. The rose is also my icon for Twitter, so now it's all universal.
  • I took pictures for my Book Sale, books received, and "What's On My Desk."
  • Completed the Google Reader Challenge over at The Book Lady's Blog.


  1. There was a website someone suggested with tips on how to set up the favicon in blogger. It was called Blogger Buster. You might want to try that. Let me find the url real quick.

    Okay, here it is:

  2. Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. I am also struggling with flavon... flavanator... flav flave.... what ever it is. :)

  3. I've been working on my Bloggiesta lists, too. Definitely good challenges.

  4. 10 hours is great! You did fantastic Becky and I'm thrilled that you participated. I can't wait until next time.

  5. Thanks all! I still haven't figured that favicon out, but I haven't wanted to try to tackle it again! Sigh. I'll have to try again...just not yet. :)