Friday, June 19, 2009


I wanted to join the Bloggiesta, sponsored & headed by Maw Books, but just didn't think it was possible when I got up this morning. However, after pushing aside some of the factors holding me up, I'm now able and willing to join. I will have to tweak the entire challenge just a bit to meet my needs and time zone though. Below are my issues and goals.

  • Extreme Jetlag -- From my conference back on the mainland. Yes, I'm a bit of a wimp (as my dad would say).
  • Online Job -- I am just concluding one class today (with 50 students), and starting two more (with 41 students total).
Okay, so there's my excuse & whine session down for the world to see. I've been online all day, taking care of work and life things, so I just didn't see how participating in the Bloggiesta would even be possible except that once I finished mowing through all the "required" things I needed to do, I saw how much I could still accomplish if I just modified the Challenge and jumped in now. So, it's after 6 pm, and I'm just now getting my initial post up, but that's okay. Let's get started!

So, here are my modifications & goals.

  • I'm going to count starting at 2pm my time (6pm MST), since that's about when I took a break and actually did check a few Tweets & blog posts. Even though I went back to work, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
  • Church on Sunday will actually chop the rest of my time off in the morning, so I'll come home and do a little bit after I get home.
  • Write book review for The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns.
  • Write book review for The Heretic Queen
  • Set up book giveaway of The Fiery Cross
  • Come up with ideas for review/post of 2nd in Sharon Lathan series (Contact Sharon?)
  • Work on Cookbook Challenge ideas
  • Try to widen columns on blogger layout
  • Look into changing url to include blog title
  • Post about what's on my desk (take picture of books, etc.)
  • Acknowledge books received recently
  • Acknowledge book award received
  • Read my Google Reader, as its +1000 from my week-long conference!
  • Set up giveaway for my Rejuvenate & Renew Challenge
  • Set up a book reading schedule so that I don't miss my ARC reviews!!!
  • Participate in mini challenges???
Well, these are just some of my hang ups and goals. Tomorrow will be a hard day to blog, as I'm heading to Honolulu's 62nd Annual Book Sale. It should be great fun, but make for a long day. I doubt I'll be home much tomorrow, but I'll get in some of these goals tonight while my students on the mainland slumber away!


  1. You've got a great plan and you seem to be able to do it all! Good luck and I wish I could go that book sale!

  2. You got the Lucy Burns book? It looks interesting but weird at the same time; I'll be interested in seeing what you thought of it.

  3. You certainly have enough to keep you busy!I have a long list too, but I already know I won't go everything on it!