Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye to July

Every day I've thought, "I need to get online and write a post today!"  That just didn't happen--obviously.  One of my cousins got married yesterday and we've had lots of family time.  Plus, two of the groom's siblings have had babies in the last month, so there was a lot of baby cuddling going on during the wedding and reception.  Talk about two cute, sweet babies! All of this family time helped drive out the moody blues I had last week and I'm feeling much more prepared for the craziness of school starting soon.

With the month ending, let me also say a quick thank you to Bookbath and Thyme for Tea for hosting the Paris in July Challenge.  I feel pretty satisfied with my triple movie reviews, my look at Edith Piaf, and my review of Anna and the French Kiss.  I had a great time and will definitely be doing more with Paris-related stuff in the future! 

Well, that's my sum up and weekend. For this last weekend in July, it was a pretty great one and I'm feeling more up to the challenges ahead.  Now it's time to face August head on!  

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