Monday, July 25, 2011

Moody Mondays

Well, I missed my Sunday Blatherings post and here we go with the last week in July and I'm sad.  For once, knowing work is looming has little to do with my mood and more to do with the people in my life.  Last month my BFF moved to Michigan.  That made me sad.  Today, my cousin, with his wife and one month old baby boy are packing up to move tomorrow morning.  That makes me sad.  I got the chance to go down on Friday to help my cousin move, and mainly got to sit with the baby so they could go through boxes. So nice. 

I know changes happen all the time.  I'm just sad to see some pretty important people to me move away, especially now that I'm settled in and have no plans to move anymore.  At least I bought a home that has a nice guest room so they can all come visit any time they want!  (Hint. Hint.)  My mom was also down here for the weekend and left earlier this afternoon.  We always have a nice, relaxing time together, even though we overhauled my storage and got everything organized.  Having the storage all in order is really nice, but spending time with my mom is even better.  Well, she left to drive home and that made me sad too!  I need to pull out of it and cheer up.  It's strange though that the weather is muggy and overcast today, possibly reflecting my own mood?

To top it off, I haven't read very much--at all.  With busy work meetings last week, appointments, and family around, I just didn't really read.  To compound it all, I've been suffering from some pretty nasty insomnia this month and have gone against the advice they give for insomnia and have been re-watching the show Alias during those sleepless nights.  What a great show.  Now that's a way to brighten my mood!  Jennifer Garner is so good in that show, and I forgot how great the storyline was.  Having gone through a graduate program in English, how in the world did she get a graduate degree while flying around the world?  Yea.  I don't think it's possible.  Still, I love the show. Now I have a secret wish to be a kick-butt spy like Sydney Bristow.

With the three weeks I have left of my summer break, I will be heading back to work soon so I can get ready for a super busy school year.  (Yea, that will make me scared and then moody too if I think about it too much.)  On Saturday, I dragged my mother to the library with me and picked up some books. 

 Yes, I finally picked this up on audio book.  A lot of my students read this series, so I thought I'd finally give it a try!
This is on reserve in eBook format through my library, but I'm a bit too impatient and would like to dive in.  Who knows, I might have two copies of this out!

Finally, I'm super excited to read Sisterhood Everlasting.  Having read all of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, I can't pass up this future look at the girls.  Now I hope I remember what happened in previous books!

Well, that's my Monday.  I'm a little sad, but that's life.  Things will look cheerier soon, right?  Now it might just be time to remedy the no reading slump I've been in and pick up one of these great books!


  1. Hi Becky,

    You sound really down in the dumps, right now, so a little reading and blogging may be just what you need.

    I have never come across Ann Brashares before, but the cover art of the book was so captivating, that I decided to check her out.

    Now I have another name to add to my reading list, although I shall have to be sure to get this series of books in sequence, and not do my usual trick of starting on a series mid way through and hoping that the book works well as a stand alone story!!

    Thanks for the recommendation and I hope that you will feel a little more cheery very soon.


  2. It is sad when people move away. :( But now you'll have an excuse to travel to more places, right?

    I'm sure you'll be awesome at your new job!

  3. Time flies! The summer is going by SO fast!!