Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Emma volumes 6 & 7

For the manga faint of heart, these might just be the ticket.  Told in Victorian England, with a very upstairs--downstairs tale, the story of Emma is interesting and engaging.  I'm new to reading manga, but have really enjoyed this series!  Just a warning, there are *SPOILERS* ahead!

Synopsis #6:  Emma and William are now writing one another, since they are separated not only by class, but also by distance.  Although William loves Emma, conflict arises as his family and the people around him get wind of his attachment to a servant.  In the end, are his family and friends conniving enough to keep the two apart?

Review:  This is a gap piece in the series, but still very entertaining.  The tension has shifted to the distance separating William and Emma, and not whether they actually like one another (although that is still pretty understated).  You can't help but feel for Emma as she toils away at her job.  She just seems to be so good!  Maybe she's a bit too good to be true?  I also have to admit that with her big eyes and glasses, I keep thinking they will reveal she has magic in those glasses somehow.  Strange, I know, but I can't help but think the author will spring that on me!

Synopsis #7:  In this installment, Emma has been swept away to America as a drastic measure to separate her from William.  This doesn't dissuade William, who follows her there to save her.  Facing the disapproval of his upper class neighbors and friends, William brings Emma back to England with him, despite what they all think or say.

Review:  I have to say that this installment was a bit of a head scratcher for me.  I would think that taking a jaunt over to America in that time period would not be some casual endeavor, and yet that is how it is approached.  My assumption is that Emma would be in America for months before William could find her, but the story makes it seem as if everything happened in a matter of days.  Yes, it's all very hero-saves-the-day sorts of romantic, but seemed a bit implausible to me.  It's still a good story, but this installment was a bit odd.  I guess I got too caught up in the logistics and specific details of things to enjoy how the story unfurled.  I'm still off to read the next installment though!

*FTC Disclosure:  This review was based off of library copies of the stories.


  1. Hi, I love manga but never tried to give it a review. Maybe I'll try Emma next year, I'm still reading 'The Bezinghast'. Have fun and Sweet Reads!

  2. Yeah, the America part was laughably short. I thought the author was going to draaaaag and draaaag it out for several volumes, and then in a chapter she's back in England! I was just like, Hmkay.