Saturday, October 9, 2010

24 Hour Readathon: Update #1 & a HUGE Interruption

Title of book(s) read since last update:  None...yet.  Can you believe that?
Pages read since last update:  100+ ??? 
Amount of time spent reading since last update:  2 1/2 hours
Mini-challenges completed: 1--"Love to Hate"
Other participants you’ve visited:  None...yet.  Sad, I know!
Prize you’ve won:  0

I know I sound pretty pathetic so far!  I actually had a really slow start, as I seemed to not be able to really settle in right at the beginning.  Since I got a late start, and was struggling to get into my reading, I packed up my library stack and headed off to the library where I had a couple of books waiting for me.  That took me FOREVER thanks to a slew of construction we have between my house and the library.  Literally every street between my house and the library is down to one lane, filled with orange barrels, lights were blinking, and heavy trucks were dodging in and out of the construction.  To be honest, I have whittled down my trips to the library to Saturdays only, since getting around is much worse during the work week.  Anyway, I did THANKFULLY get into my audio book, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine.  I grabbed a salad on my way home, and am back to really focus!

Since getting home, I popped in the audio book because I can't quite give it up.  I've cleaned my house from top to bottom as I've listened and am now ready to settle into a nice chair in my room and read for the next three hours!  At least my house is clean now and I've exhausted myself into the ability to settle down and read.  :)

UPDATE:  So, in the middle of this post, my fire/CO2 alarm started going off.  To make a long story short,  I had to call the fire department.  Big red truck with flashing lights pulled up.  No carbon monoxide, just change the battery.  Yes, I thought I was stupid.  Changed battery.  Still kept going off.  I looked it up online, tried everything known to mankind.  Nothing. Called builder.  He said call electrician, who said, "Pull it off the wall.  Sounds like you have a defective alarm."  Does it sound like I'm having a good Read-a-thon?  A stalled start, fire department visit, tears over a squealing alarm that was bothering me and my neighbors, and half a post that was written that I had to bag because the meme was over.  *sigh*  I'm calming down.

I think I'll keep going with the Read-a-thon casually, but I'm a bit flustered right now, as well as feeling pretty defeated.  All is well though.  I will try to come back and be supportive.  Sorry, but my parade was rained on today.  At least it didn't happen in the middle of the night! 

I couldn't help but think of that hilarious scene from Friends where Phoebe's fire alarm kept going off no matter what she did.  I tried to embed it here from YouTube but they are all disarmed.  Here is the link if you want a good laugh.  At least it's a universal frustration we can laugh about!


  1. Oh Becky - I am so sorry that you are experiencing such frustrations! Not a great way to celebrate the day after your birthday :(

    I hope that the distractions have discontinued and the rest of your evening is peaceful and conducive to lots of reading.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so scary! I hope things go okay for you soon.

  3. I hope the rest of your readathon is less eventful and that you can settle in and get some good, enjoyable reading done!

  4. I think it is great that you still are carrying one after all that has happen. Hope the next few hours are peaceful and relaxing with a rally great book.

  5. I hope the rest of your read-a-thon has been calmer and fun. Happy reading!

  6. Oh no!! What a fiasco. :( Hope things smooth out soon.

  7. Oh no! That is a lot of hassle and distraction - I hope the next 12 hours go more smoothly for you!

  8. Hour 14

    I am heading off to bed but before I go I wanted to leave with one last cheer.

    B-E-A-T, beat the clock! Dewey read-a-thon readers rock!

  9. This cheerleader is getting tired and will be off to bed soon, but I wanted to say once again Happy Readathon and have a great night!

  10. Awww! Just keep your spirits up, try to stay relaxed, and read for fun. Maybe that'll get your mind off the craziness. :-)

    *waves pom-poms around*

  11. Thanks to each and every one of you! If I wasn't in the middle of a readathon, I probably wouldn't have anyone to laugh at my day with me in quite this way. Thanks for boosting my spirits and giving me a nudge.