Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Rather Paris by Jon Hart and Cooking Update

Let me follow up on yesterday's post about that Tart Tatin.  This was my first attempt at this famous dessert, so I guess it's all right if it isn't perfect, right?  I think my pan was a bit smaller than what the recipe anticipated, so there was too much sauce.  It basically went to the bottom of the plate and made the crust stick to the plate in a carmel-y, ooey-gooey mess.  Yummy, but messy.  I'll try it again sometime later.  By the way, in case you're wondering about the diet--as I talk about a gooey dessert--I've managed to lose 8 pounds over five weeks.  It has been slow, and I could probably lose a lot more if I'd avoid Easter desserts, but isn't this a normal life?  I'm fine with a slow loss.  At least I'm still losing!

Speaking of a French dessert, I had to share Rather Paris, which is a travel book that is part of a variety of travel/food books by Jon Hart centered on Paris.  This little guide jumped out at me on my last trip to the library, as it's such a short and unique little guidebook.  Having been published back in December of 2011, this particular book is really up to date on amazing stores, restaurants, cafes, and so much more in the various neighborhoods of Paris. 

If I were heading back to Paris this summer (I wish), I would definitely take this little booklet in my bag.  It's half the size and about a quarter of the weight of most travel/guide books.  In fact, this doesn't even feel like a "travel" book, but is more of an amazing insider look at a handful of great places throughout Paris.  If you were looking for a place to pick up paint, baby clothes, or even handbags, Rather Paris features a short blurb, address, and picture for your convenience. 

On a quick side note, I would NOT say this is a book that you would rely on for all information on Paris.  This is a mere supplement to the million of other books out there.  On a scale of what's new and fresh, I simply thought this was a nice and fun new option.

*FTC Disclosure:  This review was based on a library copy of the book.


  1. Did you know the French call window shopping "window-licking"?

    1. No, but that's pretty funny. I'm not very fond of window shopping though, so I guess I don't do the "licking" bit. LOL.