Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon: Hour Sixteen

I'm starting to feel the lack of sleep this week, including an extra early wake up time this morning.  Maybe I need to run around the block?  Nah. I don't know that my new pajama attire would quite work.  Hopefully I can pick up some energy as we head into the last nine hours!

Just as a quick note, I will be hosting a challenge during hour 17, so don't forget to check back for a chance to win a prize.

Well, I've finished my first book and had a bit of dinner.  I'm ready to head back into a book and keep reading, so here are my stats!

Books Read:  1
Hours Read:  4 1/2--Not good, but considering my busy morning, I still think that's pretty decent.
Sodas Consumed:  3--Even I'm shocked that I haven't had more than that.  I consider myself a bit of a Diet Dr. Pepper connoisseur, so I can't believe I consumed more to get me through.  I shouldn't speak too soon though!
Random Distractions:  Laundry & fresh sheets on my bed, that way I'll be ready to crawl in and sleep later!

Here's what I read:

All right.  I'm ready to get back to reading so I can prepare for my mini-challenge in about an hour.  I'll see you back here soon!


  1. Keep going, you're going great! :D *\o/*

  2. I wish I had some Dr. Pepper in the house. Alas, no soda at all. Have fun reading!!