Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiction to Film to Fantastic Music Friday: The Man From Snowy River (1982)

 I know that it's been awhile since I posted a "Fiction to Film to Fantastic Music Friday" post, but since I recently watched The Man From Snowy River over spring break, I had to post a little something about this jewel of a film.

When I was growing up, this was a favorite in our little community.  I don't think there was a slumber party that I attended that we didn't watch this movie or Anne of Green Gables.  Yes, we had very tame slumber parties--granted, that was when I was like nine or ten!  I was always really jealous of all the kids in my area that got to take piano lessons.  I wanted to take piano lessons, so much so that I begged my parents to let me!  Eventually, I was allowed to take them for about a year and a half.  Throughout that whole time, I had a series of songs that I wanted to learn how to play, and "Jessica's Theme" was right at the top.  It's funny to me now, but as a young girl, this was some strange obsession I had.

To be honest, I was unfamiliar with the poem until a few years ago.  It's interesting that a movie would come out of Andrew Barton Paterson's poem "The Man From Snowy River," but I'm glad that it did.  For me, this movie really is more about a memory.  We probably all have movies and soundtracks that etched their ways into our lives as we were growing up, and this one happens to be a pretty prominent one in my own.

* Fiction, to Film, to Fantastic Music Friday is my own little weekly post. The premise is just to share my favorite books made into film, with amazing soundtracks to boot.  There might even be times where it's just a great film and soundtrack, or great book and film.  Either way, join in if you would like!

What films mark your early years as a child?  I'm not talking your all-time favorites, but the ones that maybe take you right back to a certain time in your life?


  1. This really is a great movie, but I haven't seen it for years. For me, The Princess Bride brings me back, as does Home Alone. Odd combination, I know.

    Then, of course, all the classic films I knew and loved. We would watch AMC (back when it was good) every Saturday morning. Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire. Hepburn/Tracey. All of it. Love.

  2. The first movie my parents bought me was Sleeping Beauty, and I watched The Little Mermaid so many times I literally had it memorized, so I think those would be the movies that take me back to my childhood.

  3. Man From Snowy River is a huge memory for me too! That exhilarating feeling you get when he goes off the cliff on his horse. I can feel it right now and I haven't watched the movie in ages. I too wanted to learn to play Jessica's Theme and the Main Theme. I did. But, again, haven't played it for ages. You know, my 11 year old would REALLY like this movie! I need to go rent it for a date night with her, I believe! Thanks for the advice!