Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Fever Cure by Phillipa Ashley

I thought I'd be a bit ironic today and review Phillipa Ashley's novel Fever Cure as a nod to the fever-induced state of illness I've been in this week.  Seriously, I thought I'd said goodbye to hard core colds like this!  I don't even know anyone at work with a cold right now, yet I somehow picked one up that has me single-handedly supporting Kleenex brand products.

Needless to say, I took today off and thought I'd log on and try to get something posted.  What would be better to review than a good Phillipa Ashley novel?  I actually read this one back in February, so I'm behind in getting this review posted!  Phillipa writes great modern romances such as Dating Mr. December and Carrie Goes Off the Map, which I've reviewed here on my blog.  I've even had a great chance to interview Phillipa about her writing.  She has a great sense of what women think and feel. 

Synopsis:  It was the end of a bad relationship for Keira Grayson, and she was looking forward to cutting loose at her friend's wedding.  In the process, she makes an embarrassing stumble in front of Doctor Tom Carew, son of an earl and a bona fide hottie.

Tom is home from New Guinea, where he was working with patients there on the island.  However, now he's home and trying to pull together the pieces of a disaster he left behind there.  Keira and Tom have instant chemistry, but like all budding relationships, the baggage they bring with them can also bring them down before they have a real chance. 

Review:  This is a true "escapist" read.  When you want to imagine yourself meeting a swoon-worthy male specimen, who also has a great job and landed money, sometimes a book is the only way you'll get it!  Tom has just enough emotional distance and wounds for Keira, who is sensitive from her own history and fears, to build a story where they have to communicate and work it out.  In short, you care about the characters and what happens to them. 

I'm a total Phillipa Ashley fan and will pretty much read anything she has written. I love her character development & escapist story lines. This one was a little racy, but since I'm not exactly a prude, I didn't mind. The ending was a bit predictable, with a few twists and turns to change it up slightly, but you honestly don't want it to end any differently than it does.

*FTC Disclosure:  This review was based on a personal copy of the novel.

Now, I'm off to take a nap.  It's time to knock this head cold out for good!!!


  1. Good luck getting over the cold. This one sounds like the perfect escapist book. I could use one of those about now.

  2. You're not exactly a prude? Oooh la la, more info plz! ;)

    I hope you feel better soon! While you're sick at home you should watch North & South.

  3. Becky - hope you're feeling in the pink soon and thanks for reading my feverish book.

    Tasha - is that North & South starring Richard Armitage?