Thursday, February 2, 2012

The W's of Reading: What's the Value of a Book Trailer?

I have to be honest.  For a long time I was kind of a book trailer snob.  I think that to some degree, I still am one.  The thing that has started to turn me around though was the profound affect these trailers have had on my students!  I've shared a number of book trailers, but I have to say that the trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Shatter Me really grabbed their attention.  See for yourself!

Having seen the response first hand, I think there is a great opportunity here to really get the word out to teen readers.  They love these trailers and will go pick up a book because of them.  I suppose you can say that I'm now a believer!

What are some of your favorite book trailers?  Any others that you think I just have to share?


  1. Yay, more W's! I don't usually watch book trailers because I'm not that interested in them, but I have seen some really good ones. There was trailer for a novel--I forgot the title, unfortunately--but it consisted entirely of bad reviews for the book being read by the author's relatives. It was sooo funny. And one time an author sent me a review request for a book I wasn't sure about, but the trailer was so cute I decided to go for it.

  2. Hi. Loved seeing the SHATTERED one. I also posted this morning about YA book trailers (science fiction/fantasy) over at (the League of Extraordinary Writers). Inviting you to come over and see several more (THE GATHERING STORM, CINDER, and more).

    Really nice blog here.

  3. I like the one for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, but the Shatter Me one is why I DON'T like Book Trailers. If they're just going to show words from the synopsis I might as well just read the synopsis, you know? I do agree that in this day and age that book trailers will help kids want to read, though.

  4. I don't ever watch the trailers but not because I'm opposed to them, I'd just rather read about the book than take the time to watch the trailer. I think they're great for younger readers - they are so used to video everything and if it takes a video to get them to pick up a book, I'm glad for them!