Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Blatherings & Weekend Cooking

Do you ever feel like the weekend is really about falling into a heap of fatigued laziness?  Although I'll admit that I had a pretty good week last week (no deadlines or essays to grade), I've still been pretty lazy this weekend.  Honestly, you have to snatch R&R wherever and whenever you can!

I didn't ever mention it here on my blog, but I made a goal to not eat out during January.  I failed.  One of the things I hate stocking in my fridge are salad fixings.  I'm sorry, but nothing grosses me out more than a bag of salad that looks like it has wilted down and sloshed to the bottom of the bag or plastic crate.  I hate the smell of salad that is decomposing, I hate the colors they turn, and I hate the very idea of eating it.  I know.  I should be eating them before they get to that point, but it happens so quickly that it drives me crazy!  Having said that, I did stop and get a Zupas salad a couple of nights.  Other than that, I did pretty well. It was an interesting challenge, and one that I think I'll expand on.  It was a lot easier than I thought!  Besides, it put me back into the routine of cooking every night.

One of the reasons I've been thinking about cooking more during the week is because of the set of Jamie Oliver cookbooks I checked out from the library.  I can't say that I cook a bunch of recipes directly from the cookbooks that I check out, but I love the inspiration they give me to cook up my own meals.  I own a few of Jamie Oliver's cookbooks, Jamie's Food Revolution being my all-time favorite, but I wanted to check out a few others as well.  I love Jamie Oliver's passion for food, and the wide variety of dishes he cooks.

Thanks to my bestie, who knows how much I love Jamie Oliver, I now own his "Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes" video collection.  Over the past several weeks I have been working my way through each of the regions he covers:  Andalucia, Pyrennes, Athens, Venice, Stockholm, and Marakesh.  I do remember catching several of these when they were broadcast on BBC America, but it is nice to have the set to watch whenever I want.  He cooks amazing dishes like paella, tart tatin, honey cake, risotto, and lamb stew, all while in beautiful locations.  For anyone who is a foodie and a traveler, this DVD collection is a must have.  I have really enjoyed it and know I'll be trying out many of the recipes.  Honestly, now I have to go visit more of these locations for myself!

Here is a fun video clip of Jamie helping to cook paella for a crowd of 500 people in Spain (Andalucia):

For more weekend cooking, go to Beth Fish Reads.  You'll find all sorts of great food-related posts and recipes!


  1. That is some pan of paella! I've never seen that show, but will definitely look for it, since I love Jamie Oliver!

  2. I eat salad every day -- sometimes twice. Of course, that, in itself, is part of the secret to success.

    Rather than buy lettuce in bags, I get heads (usually Romaine and another one, something that looks interesting and leafy and maybe red).

    I more or less follow this process to clean them:
    Although, I skip the paper towel thing and use those green reusable bags that are supposed to keep produce fresh longer. (buy them in the produce section). Also, I'm a big believer in the Oxo style of pump salad spinner--the string pull style just doesn't get it moving fast enough for long enough to get the job done.

    That gives me several days worth of clean lettuce ready for my salads.

    Cool that the Jamie Oliver videos make you want to travel!

  3. That's some massive amount of paella. I'm getting a new perspective on cooking for 2.

  4. I really like his show, Jamie at Home, on the cooking channel. I catch it sometimes when I'm eating my lunch.

    Maybe you shouldn't buy salad. ;) I usually got spinach because it seemed to last longer, & you can use it for more than just salad.