Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Blatherings: A Congratulations

I hope you don't mind if I take a little diversion in my "blatherings" today.  This has been a really great week, even if I didn't get in a lot of reading. One nice distraction to my reading was my best friend's graduation from medical school.  I have come to know a teeny bit of the pain, agony, and hard work that went in to surviving these past four years and am super proud of her for getting through! 

Regardless of all the studying and work she had to put in, she managed to continue to read great books.  I loved watching her use books as a reward after major tests or on holidays, reading herself into a frenzy during her down times!  In fact, when she would come to my house, she would start snooping through my bookshelves and library finds, writing down every book that caught her eye.  She might be an M.D. now, but I love that she's as big of a bookworm as any of us! 

To my friend and fellow book-a-holic, I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!  I'm going to miss her as she heads off to Michigan for her residency in anesthesiology *sniff*, but I'm also excited for her.  Here's a picture of the two of us in Greece, on our big trip before she started medical school.  What fun times.  Here's to hoping there's a lot more to come!


  1. That looks like a great trip!

  2. Congrats to your friend on this big accomplishment. Lovely photo.

  3. Love the picture and you have very ecletic tastes in literature. Just surfing the blogsphere and came here. Come visit me.

  4. YAY!!!!!! Congratulations anonymous friend-hahaha! Anesthesiology is such an awesome field too! Please wish her luck and tell her hello from me!

    That is a great picture of you guys! You both look amazing! Greece---wow!!!!

  5. Heidenkind--It was the best trip ever. Of course, my bias and love for all things Greek helped the trip be my dream come true. :) It was so awesome getting to go with my best friend though.

    Diane--Thanks! She'll be stopping by here, so I hope she is okay with me flashing her face and congratulating her here. I'm really proud of all her hard work!

    Grace--Thanks about the picture. It's one of our better ones. Yes, I do like a wide range of books. :) I can't help myself!

    A Roper--I almost yelled your name out here! :) That's so sweet of you to stop in and wish her congrats! You know exactly how she feels (and probably me...who are we kidding). "Doc" calls me her non-sexual spousal equivalent, which is pretty hilarious. You know exactly how hard they had to work to get through med school. Now the journey begins! Thanks about the picture. It is a miracle picture that turned out pretty good of both of us. Although, I'm not sure someone could look bad in that light and location. :) You're too sweet. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you guys are doing great!

  6. A big congrats to your friend Becky! That is such a huge accomplishment. I love the pic of the two of - you're both beautiful!

  7. Darlene--That's so sweet of you. I think it's hard to not look good in Santorini! :) My friend has worked really, really hard, so I'm proud of her.