Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

This week has been Spring Break, which was a much needed escape from work.  I had all sorts of goals to read and get ahead on blog posts and reviews, but I should have known I would be sitting here on Thursday wishing I had just one more week!  Since I don't have one more week, I better get a move on and write the reviews I have waiting, right?  One of the reviews I've had is for Melissa De La Cruz's small short story selection from the Blue Blood series. 

Synopsis:  This installment in the Blue Blood series is a short compilation of three short stories from characters we've been reading about.  The first story is told from Oliver's perspective, Schuyler's close friend who has been put through the wringer in the series.  The second is from Allegra's point of view, showing the earlier years in Schuyler's mother's life, including the choices she had to make that got her where she is in our series.  The final story is told about Schuyler and Jack, bringing there story together in a little more detail.

Although this is a short story collection, I would not recommend this before reading at least the first four or five books in the series.  Some of the characters and situations would feel odd and unfamiliar without more of the story already in place.

Review:  Altogether, this was a nice, easy collection of stories.  Oliver's initial story in the book set a fairly depressing tone, especially since I always felt for him.  His story seems to try to make you feel that Oliver will somehow be "okay," but I felt overwhelming sadness for this character and all he's been through as Schuyler's much-used friend (talk about an understatement).

The other two stories in the collection were nice additions to the back story that we've wanted.  I've especially wanted to know more about Schuyler's mother, and this collection gave us a small glimpse into her story. 

On the whole, this is a well-written compilation.  If you have read the series (and I would definitely recommend you read the other books beforehand), these stories are a nice addition to what we know about the characters.  Besides, the cover is so pretty, how could you resist picking it up to get a little more to the back story?!?

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  1. I love this series. I have been reading it way before I was a blogger. I have always wanted Allegra's story and I am so sad to see the end with Lost in Time. The witch 'Freya' that helps Oliver is a main character in Melissa's adult book The Witches of East End coming soon! It has little easter eggs for those of us who have read the BB series.