Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review: My Dearest Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Once again, Happy New Year! It has been a really lovely holiday this year, but it's about time to head back to reality land for me. As much as I love my time off, I recognize that sitting around all day has to come to an end at some point. Besides, I do love my crazy job...and it does make me crazy!

One of my great reads this holiday break was Sharon Lathan's third book in her Pride and Prejudice sequel. As I mentioned previously, I've really loved her previous two books, and was eager to read her third. Because I know what a high "escape-read" factor these books have, I waited to read them until I left for Christmas and could revel in the romance of it all. These books are sweet, and although for a more mature reader, tap back into a more "hopeful" romantic side of myself. Let me say thank you to Sourcebooks for sending me this sweet book, as it was a great escape read over the holidays, and to Sharon for writing such beautiful sequels!

Synopsis: (Some spoilers to follow.) In this third novel, we pick back up with Darcy and Elizabeth waiting for their first baby. Much of the novel surrounds the journey that Elizabeth now takes as a much loved wife of Fitzwilliam Darcy, with her place at Permberley and at Darcy's side. The couple enjoy as much love and passion as in the previous two novels, yet in a deeper, more endearing way. While sensual, their bond is one of abiding love that finds them vacationing along the beautiful eastern coast, reveling in sea and sand together. While there, they encounter a woman who determines she must have Darcy for herself. It's not a huge storyline, but one that I found quite fun, in that Darcy was repulsed, and Elizabeth was beyond protective. It just turned into a great scene, spelling out their style as a couple.

While most of the book is filled with leisurely days and enjoyable scenes of a loving couple and "nesting," as they wait for their first child, the crux of the novel surrounded the birth of their first baby. As a reader you feel certain that Elizabeth will fare well, but there is an underlying anxiety in waiting for the moment. Will all be well, and will mother and child both come out healthy and happy in the end?

Review: I happen to be a real fan of Sharon Lathan's novels and writing style. Honestly, I feel very comfortable with her writing, and trust in the sentence structure to carry me through a beautiful story. It is interesting to me how her personal voice adds that second level to the romantic story, making it even sweeter. The experiences that Darcy and Elizabeth share are fun to witness, and although the birth of the baby seems to take an agonizingly long time to get to, there is a "real time" feeling about the story. There really isn't a complication to be resolved, outside of the birth of the baby, so much of our reading time is spent in high anticipation for the big moment. We get to trip along with the Darcys, viewing their loving relationship like a great voyeur, reveling in their breathless love and happiness. After all, who doesn't want a relationship filled with such depths of love and devotion? Yes, it touched off my romantic side. Sigh. Once again, the novel does have scenes of a sensual nature, but not as graphic as in many romance novels today.

As always, I loved reading Lathan's third novel. The joy in this read is in the ramblings down seaside coasts and forest trails; the joy comes in the love and the pain. In some very simple ways, lovers of Pride and Prejudice have already imagined such sweet and loving scenes as painted for us in the pages of these novels, but here we get to sit back and enjoy their story as it unfolds. I really felt that this novel started to feel more like they were starting to slip into their settled roles, yet still filled with love. I enjoyed watching them relax into their marriage, and continue down the path towards becoming a great family. This was a great third installment, and I can already hardly wait for the fourth! For more information on this book released on the 1st of this month see, My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An amazing journey into love everlasting. Now...let's see if I can use the laws of the universe to attract my own Mr. Darcy! 2010 is a new year, right? Ha, ha!

*Review ARC provided by Sourcebooks. Thanks Danielle!*

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  1. Your review was great! Really makes me want to read this series-- I haven't read a single one yet and can't wait to try Two Shall Become One, Beyond Pemberley, and now Dearest as well! Thanks for the warning about the spoilers-- I did refrain from reading that section. I'm not a spoiler girl!

    You mentioned a fourth installment-- are there really plans for a fourth?

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  2. Oh my! Becky, I am giddy with delight right now! Not just because you wrote such an amazing review for my novel, but because I am thrilled that you enjoyed it so thoroughly. Praise is wonderful, and we authors eat it up, trust me. But mostly I am filled with joy when a reader understands the essence of my books: I want to convey a life filled with hope and happiness. Thank you for pointing that out.

    And have no doubt - your Mr. Darcy is out there and he will find you! I have faith in that. :)

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Your friend, Sharon

  3. You make me want to end my Jane Austen themed book ban to read this series! I'm going to have to remember this series-it sounds like the books are really enjoyable.

  4. Great review!!! First of all let me pray that you find your own personal Mr Darcy.
    Sharon's beautifully romantic and exciting novels really capture a deep passionate love that we can dream about. The fact that it involves Darcy and Lizzy is a dream for me because they are my favourite literary couple!
    This third installment of Sharon's exquisite Saga captures many sensual, romantic moments however Sharon always throws in plenty of fun and drama to boot!
    A great read I LOVE IT!
    TSBO devotee

  5. Ooooooh, that Mr. Darcy. ^_^ You had to know some woman would decide to make a play for Darcy at some point, unless all the women in 19th century England are blind or something. ;)