Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Reading Challenges and Goals

First off, let me thank all of those who have passed along lovely book blogging awards. You are so great, and lift my spirits a ton. Unfortunately, I lose track of things and never remember to get them posted...therefore, I look like a big ingrate! Please know that I deeply appreciate these wonderful mentions, and will try to do better!

On to book goals for this year. I have really postponed this post, unsure of what I wanted to do. After looking back at this last year of blogging, I really debated whether or not I wanted to participate in challenges. I love joining in, but often fall short because of the demands of teaching full time and then teaching classes online during my off time. English teachers always have something to grade or be reading for school, so I often use my book blog as an escape, and inevitably, I have to get out, right? Well, I happened to be reading a few book blogs (forgive me, I can't remember which ones), and I noticed that many people felt bogged down a little (or a lot). Out of that though, I also noticed that many people had this wonderful, positive attitude that really struck me. Someone stated it pretty simply by saying that you participate when you can, and no big deal if you can't! No one is going to get after you if you can't complete a challenge. In the end, it's about the community, learning about new books, making new friends, and discovering great reads. Since I got that from many of you...thank you to everyone! You all really boosted me again, and I'm ready to go now.

I know my schedule is not very conducive to doing a bit of everything, so I chose challenges this year that I felt comfortable with, but would still give me a small push. (Thank you to A Novel Challenge for keeping these challenges organized and easy to reference! What a great service to all readers.) Here is what I've decided to join:

Books Won is a challenge geared at reading the books you've won from other bloggers and sites, being run by So Many Precious Books, So Little Time. As I have an entire shelf dedicated to just this sort of thing, I thought this would be a great challenge to join. I'm going to jump in on the modest "Honorable Mention" level with 1 to 3 books. If I read more, I'll level up...just like Mario Bros.!

Next up is the e-Book Challenge over at Royal Reviews (where I will also be sharing reviews from time to time). As some of you might know, in 2007 I nicknamed my Kindle my "boyfriend." I've gotten a little teasing over that one, but I really LOVE having my Kindle around. It is the best! No, I can't take it on the beach (because I choose not to), but it goes just about everywhere else with me. I'm going to be modes with this challenge as well and join in at the "Fascinated" level, at 6 books. I think I could do "Addicted," but will aim low for right now!

Also at Royal Reviews is the Audio Book Reading Challenge. With a commute to work, no matter how short or long, I've learned to curb my road rage with a good book. I really enjoy audio books, so I gladly have jumped in on this one! Once again, I'll go for "Fascinated," which is six books.

Over at Jenny Loves to Read, Jenny is hosting the Reading Resolutions Challenge. I really liked this idea, as I have a few goals that I couldn't find in another challenge. For this, I'd like to: a) read a book of literary theory, b) continue reading essays and poems by major this case, I'd like to get the Emerson collection, c) finish reading the Princess Diary series! I love Meg Cabot, but told myself I'd finish the YA series before reading the book that Mia supposedly wrote! This will be the year to wrap up the series. And finally, d) read at least three of the books gifted me from my wonderful students and friends. A hodge-podge of resolutions there, but ones I've wanted to check off!

Next, I wanted to join the 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge over at J. Kaye's Book Blog. As an English teacher, I really have to try to keep up with everything coming out so that I have things to recommend! Having said that though, I better join at the light weight end of things and will be doing the "Mini Reading" challenge at 12 books.

Finally, I am excited to jump in on the TBR (To Be Read) Challenge over at MizB's Reading Challenge. As with some of the other challenges, this will really help me achieve some things this year, by taking some of those dusty books of my bookshelves, and getting them read! For this challenge you are supposed to create a list of 12 books over six months old and read one a month. I'll have to go through my shelves later, but I'm excited to get some of my TBR books read!

There are many other great challenges that I desperately want to join, but feel like I might only be able to do them over the summer. For instance, The Social Justice Challenge looks amazing. I need to do more reading up to figure out how I can jump on board, and if possible to squeeze in more over the summer. I have a sneaking suspicion that I can, so I'll have to talk to some of those hosting it to find out more. It looks amazing though, and will have to jump in down the road.

Well, there we have my challenge list for the year! I promised myself not to get overwhelmed by the number I have joined, as I really did pick things that I think I can successfully complete. However, if I can't no big deal either, right? In the end, I really get a chance to get involved with many other amazing readers out there in more great conversations about books. What better way of changing myself and growing than by reading great books? In the end, I hope it will help me balance out my life for a happy 2010.

Well, until next time, Mahalo! Now I want to know, what great resolutions have you made this year, or what one challenge is really exciting you about now?


  1. awesome challenges! good luck with them all! =))

  2. You picked some great challenges here....have FUN with them!

  3. Good luck with your challenges! And you're right that we're doing them for fun, and if you don't complete them, at least you tried!

    I was a little disappointed that I didn't finish all of my 2009 challenges, but was reminded by a few blogger buddies that it was okay and that the Challenge Police weren't coming after me. *L*

    So do your best and have fun with your challenges!

  4. Welcome to the Young Adult Reading Challenge. This is going to be a fun reading year.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Thanks for joining the Books Won Challenge!

  6. 'Someone stated it pretty simply by saying that you participate when you can, and no big deal if you can't! No one is going to get after you if you can't complete a challenge.' <- I'm going to keep this in mind for this year.

    My problem is mostly procrastination, but I am going to work hard on it this year to not procrastinate.

    Congrats on your awards and look at all of those awesome challenges!!! Thanks for posting them. :D

  7. My main problem with challenges is that I just forget or lose track of them! I'm bad that way. But c'est la vie.

    I don't really make New Year's resolutions. I suppose if I picked something it would be to read moar books. :)

  8. Those are great resolutions and those challenges look like fun-I've entered way too many this year.