Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You Matt Damon

I know this clip has been circulating around the web and on the news like crazy, but I had to post it with a big thank you to Matt Damon.   It was so nice to hear someone stand up for teachers!  I think my previous crush on him has been rekindled.


  1. I LOVE this clip, and I love that he stands up for a profession that seems to be getting the short end of the stick lately. :)

  2. I know! Love. Love. LOVE him for his passion. As a teacher, I get that we need to be high quality and get rid of the poor teachers, but we can't focus on that and lose sight of the other problems. He gets that, and I love it. :)

  3. I'm impressed with current celebrities in that so many of them use their status in the public eye to raise awareness and/or money for causes they believe in. Good for you, Matt Damon.

  4. Props to Matt Damon for putting forth the novel (*gasp*) idea that teachers teach because they love it and feel called to do it. And I love that he turns it around on the cameraman (who, incidentally, does seem to struggle a bit!).

  5. Barbara & Read the Book--Isn't it great to have Hollywood going to bat for teachers?!? I work SO HARD at my job as a teacher, for continually dwindling funds. In fact, although I get my step change each year in my salary, we haven't seen an increase in about four years. Plus, they continue to cut away at our benefits and funding for materials in the classroom.

    I really do love my job, so to hear him say that we just want to teach was an understatement. A lot of time I keep my mouth shut, but seeing how passionately he defended us gave me courage and a little boost. The system has problems, but it's not just about the teachers, or just about the kids, or just about the parents, or even just about society. It's a complex combination that we work tirelessly to remedy.

    Bless him for being our champion! :)

    Thanks for stopping in to add your two cents and good words as well!