Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Blatherings: Deep End of the Pool

It's such a beautiful day here and I'm fretting about the week ahead.  Last week we started meetings to head back to school on Tuesday. Ready or not, here it comes!  I never feel 100% ready, but I'm as close as I'll probably ever get.  When I was in London, I bought a couple of really cool posters, and I love how they look in my classroom.  I especially think the "Stay Calm and Carry On," WWII era poster sends the appropriate message!  What do you think?

This last week I thought I'd have a little time to read and relax before the craziness began, but as you can see from my blog, that didn't completely happen.  My grandfather got sick earlier this year, and although he was doing better, he fell not too long ago and hasn't been doing well ever since.  I'd be lying if I said that hasn't had me on edge, especially since he lives across the country from me.  My mom flew out to see him and to be with family, but I really couldn't break away from work.  I've always worried about the "what ifs" with my family, knowing that if something happens during the school year, that I may not break away.  It's the same thing that most normal adults have to consider.  Right?

To switch gears a little, I do have a number of reviews to post soon.  I'm hoping that with a new school year and schedule, that I'll be back in my normal routine.  Here's what I have on the horizon or hope to get to soon!


And here's what I should be reading soon.  I can't wait!

Well, there we go for my little corner of the world.  What are you up to?


  1. Wasn't that Fitzwilliam Darcy: Rock Star thing done already in Jane?

    Oh wait, that was Mr. Rochester. Never mind. :)

  2. Frankenstein is really good; not at all what I expected. I hope this is a great school year for you with many students who "get it."