Friday, August 26, 2011

Fiction, to Film, to Fantastic Music Friday: Anne of Green Gables

 You know that line from While You Were Sleeping when Meg Ryan's character is watching the classic old movie An Affair to Remember and her friend Becky says, "That's your problem.  You don't want to be in love.  You want to be in love in a movie."  I remember thinking how true that was.  Who wouldn't want to be in love in a movie?  Maybe it's because we don't see them doing the laundry and paying bills (you know--real life things), but they definitely seem like some ideal. That had me thinking about the movies, and even books, that shaped the way I look at love.

Growing up, I had a set of hardback books that contained Aesop's Fables, Little Women, Jane Eyre, and Anne of Green Gables to name a few.  They were such a pretty matching set of colorful books, with pretty color art folios inside the books.  I still remember picking up Anne of Green Gables and falling in love with Anne, Diana, Marilla, Matthew, and of course Gilbert.  We only had that first book, so that's where it stopped.  Regardless, I loved the story of Anne, who loved to read and learn with an absolute passion.

Several years down the road, a friend invited a group of us from high school over for a sleep over to watch all of the Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea films.  Well, that did it.  We sighed and fell in love with Gilbert and Prince Edward Island along with everyone else who has ever watched those movies.  That put me back on the road to reading the rest of the series.  Although they're completely different from the movies, they are delightful; the books, the education, the letters, the lifestyle, and the language all pull together to make a quaint and wonderful read.  Oh, and have you ever noticed how much these people just walk or "ramble" for fun?  Even exercise looked philosophical and romantic!  Between the movies and the books, what wasn't to love?  It all just seemed like such a romanticized time period and story. 

So, for this Friday, I thought I'd share a little reminiscing love of mine with the Anne of Green Gables series and movies.  The books, films, and soundtrack for the films are all a great memory and feel timeless.  Besides, who doesn't love a character who is so passionate about books and poetry that they'll reenact Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" with her friends?  Awesome.

What movies or books shape your view of love?

Fiction, to Film, to Fantastic Music Friday is my own little weekly post. The premise is just to share my favorite books made into film, with amazing soundtracks to boot.  There might even be times where it's just a great film and soundtrack, or great book and film.  Either way, join in if you would like! 


  1. I have those exact paperbacks of Anne that you have pictured! I've actually never seen the movies, though.

  2. Me too! I have all of those old versions, and they are so weathered at this point that you can tell I've really read them. :)

    You REALLY need to watch these gems. You'll really fall for Gilbert more than ever!

  3. I am trying to collect those old versions of the books to go with my new collection. I have read the whole series at least 30 times. I love Anne of Green Gables almost as much as I love Gatsby. Anne shaped my idea of love. After all, "I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls. I only want you." Sigh.

    P.S. Anne, The Continuing Story is blaspheme.

  4. I never got into Anne of Green Gables. I remember watching the movies, but I never saw them in order, so I was always confused.

    Weirdly, I think the movie that most shaped my view of love was The Little Mermaid. Haha! That sounds so silly, but I literally had the whole thing memorized from start to finish when I was a kid. I was rewatching it a few years ago and kept thinking, "Oh, so that's where that idea came from!" I guess I always feel like a fish out of water, too. ;)

  5. I remember a long-ago vacation in Nova Scotia. We could only find a vacancy in an old motel which seemed to just have paper for walls, and an tiny TV with a coat hanger for an antenna. The only thing we could get on it was Anne of Avonlea. That was the only time I saw any of it, but it was accompanied by the conversation about hunting from the two guys next door. "D

  6. I love the Anne of Green Gables movies when I was younger. I have not read the books but I know they are different.

  7. Sarah--Amen about the continuation! I hated it. This collection of books is so beat up that I won't ever be able to read them again. It's kind of nice to say that though. :)

    Heidenkind--What?!? They are so awesome though! It's all about the book love and then the hard to get, friend turned to love interest that always gets me. *sigh*

    Barbara--What a cool story! That's one to always remember. :)

    celawerdblog--I know. They are so good. You should try the books out, as they are very different from the movies. Slow at times, but still really good!