Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reading Loot for January 13th

Okay, admittedly, I've been out of my mind finishing up my grading period. As of 3 pm yesterday afternoon, everything was in, and I walked out of my classroom without my "grading" bag. I went home, put on my exercise clothes, and hit the gym for two hours, grabbed a salad, went home to watch a little TV, and then went upstairs to soak in the tub from 8:45 until 10:15 so that I could read. Where has this lifestyle been my whole life?!? I realize that it will disappear by next week (or even today), but man it felt nice to not have a stack of things waiting for me to grade! After staying at work until 5, 6, and even one night until 9 pm for the past week and a half, yesterday was a much needed evening off. Ahhhh!

Well, I have managed to read a couple of novels, but I'll report really quickly on what I picked up from the library, since I forgot over the weekend (thanks to end of term grading madness).

First, I re-checked out A Bad Bride's Tale. The first chapter is pretty funny, but I just didn't have time to read it over the past THREE library cycles, so I turned it back in after renewing THREE times and will put it back in my circulation of "library" reads.

Next, I checked out Bob Greene's Best Life Diet. I think I'll stick with my trainer's suggestions for me, as white knuckling a plan by weeks doesn't ever work for me. It looks very sensible, and if you like someone to map out what you should be doing, then this might be good. I still wanted the book though for some of the info. and recipes. I'm not kidding myself anymore. I know that with the number of health issues that I have, that working out "moderately" will never bring me results. It's either total dedication, or I have to be happy with where I'm at (which technically, I'm WAY past being down on myself).

I also checked out Chef Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill restaurant cookbook.

Back in 2001, Doc and I ate at his famous Mesa Grill in NYC, and I have to say that to this day, that was the best meal I've probably ever had in a restaurant. Expensive, yes. Amazing and memorable...forever. I just flipped through it last night, and it has some pretty amazing rubs for chicken, and some great soups that I want to try...along with a pretty naughty looking chocolate, dulce de leche cake. Yes...I know! And even after I just posted about the "diet" book. I'm just bein' real here! :)

I picked up Hamlet to compare to the Kenneth Branaugh version of the play to show my AP students next week.

And finally, I checked out Meg Cabot's Princess in the Spotlight (#2 in the series), since I haven't ever really read them and since the last one just came out this week. I LOVE Meg Cabot, and own almost everything she's ever written (including her Patricia Cabot fare), so will move into the rest of the books for a fun, easy read.

Well, that's my book pick up. I thought I'd post on the same day each week, but I realized that my "library loot" days can happen at any time. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to loot your libarary too! Back to work now, so until later...Mahalo!

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