Monday, January 19, 2009

Can't Sleep...

The inauguration is tomorrow. Anyone else excited?!? I'm a dorkus and a half, but I'm always moved by the swearing in of our president. Also, I love hearing the poem read by the invited poet for each inauguration. Maya Angelou's poem for Bill Clinton's inauguration back in 1992 still stands out in my memory.

Okay, so that's not why I can't sleep, but needless to say, I just can't sleep. It was a good weekend: mindless watching of Top Chef online on Friday night, sleeping until 1 pm on Saturday only to be followed by "chillin'" at home, baking bread and other such things I can't recall, and today working out, hanging with cousins, and watching Paul Bart: Mall Cop.

Okay, so Mall Cop was AWESOME and I give it two very high thumbs up. The story felt fresh and well written to me, and there were still things in the film that I didn't feel like I'd seen rehashed in a million other comedies. Honestly, I loved it, and I laughed so hard that my stomach literally hurt! So funny!

Oh, I also watched the first disc in the first season of Samantha Who through Netflix. I won't lie, I LOVED the show and can't wait to get disc two this week some time.

The acting by Christina Applegate is really good, the story feels fresh, and you find yourself wanting to find out about Samantha's past as much as she does! See, in the first episode, she wakes up from being in a coma, and it's only episode by episode that you find out she was kind of a scummy person and now regrets it or wants to rectify it. For a short 30 minute weekly show, I'm thinking I might have to tune in for this one because it's pretty good! I'll have to see if there are catch up episodes for this season online so that I don't get all behind. :)

Well, none of this solves my problem of not being able to sleep. I'm just anxious about going to work in the morning. Sigh... No, I haven't been reading much lately, which is strange. I've been REALLY tired, and sleeping or dreaming of sleep at any given moment. I'm taking my mutli-vitamin every day now, bought some more fruit, exercising 4-5 times a week, and trying to unwind early so that I can get to bed early. Having said that, I better get off of here and try reading until I get sleepy. If all else fails, there's some Nyquil that's sure to do the trick! :)

Happy Inauguration tomorrow. Yay for the democratic process and that we get to elect our leaders!

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