Friday, January 9, 2009

Library Loot

So, I believe I'm going to join in on another book blogging theme...the Library Loot. Eva, at A Striped Armchair got it started, and here are her rules as explained:

"If you too want to share your week’s library loot, just write up a post, feel free to steal the button (it’d be extra-awesome if you linked it back to me), and then leave a direct link to your post in the Mr. Linky. While you’re there, you should go visit a couple other bloggers who have left their links. That way we can all see what we’ve gotten from the library recently! And you don’t have to write your post today-any time this week will do. If people want to participate, I’ll keep making it a group thing. And if people don’t, I’ll revel in my library loot all by myself. :p"

Having said that, I think I'll probably just post my Library Loots either on Fridays or Sundays, since I'm posting this now. Let me just add here though, that I do have a bit of an obsession with our local library here in Sandy. Sigh. I admitted to my realtor (when I was looking to buy a house), that I didn't want to leave this area because of my access to the library. I've also admitted to my mother and friends that I have a slight addiction to my library account, which has me checking it just about every hour of the day (which also then made it get blocked here at work until I called the tech guy and let them know it was a LIBRARY site I kept visiting). Oh well. Mom says it's at least better being addicted to the library than buying the books, eating cookies, taking crack cocaine, or any other mutiple "addictions" I could have. Oh mom...way to look on the bright side! :)

I'll post what I've picked up so far this week. There's A LOT to remember!

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