Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hate New Year's Eve. No really. I so love October through December and hate January through April, that New Year's always ushers in a dark and dreary four months ahead (not to mention dreaded VALENTINE'S DAY...ick). Sigh...having gone about my terribly negative diatribe, let say that I do like being in Hawaii over New Year's and knowing that we're the last ones to still get 2008 all to ourselves! :) I know...weird.

As my year ends, I do have one last piece I read. I finished Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. I wish I could discuss the amazing insights on human nature and the American Dream set forth here by Miller, especially since this is such a famous American play..., but I can't. In the end, main character, and father Willy, was just too obnoxious in his desperation for me to handle. I got the fact that his son Biff was disillusioned with his father's imperfections, failures, and expectations, but don't all children (to some degree) come the the conclusion that their parents are fallable and even failures at times? I'm glad I've read the play to get it under my literary belt (so to say), but I can't see myself teaching this play. I think I'm off to read one of the two others I purchases so that I can see if there's something out there I feel more connected to and passionate about, otherwise teaching it will be all for naught!

In closing, I wanted to give a high two thumbs up for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was sad to see that one of my favs, Meg Cabot, hated it and felt that Brad Pitt's character failed to learn anything through his experiences. Although I can see why she felt that way after watching this old child continually move backwards and grow younger as he got older and not stick out his own life experiences, I appreciated his insights and what it taught me about embracing life (regardless of age). I thought the movie was beautiful, and I have to say that I thought it's concept was unique and thought-provoking. Sorry Meg...I love you in every way, but I have to say that I really liked this film!

Anyway, for all who are now in 2009, let me give my best, Mahalo, and Happy New Year!

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