Friday, December 26, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas all. I could have posted yesterday, but because I've been so LAZY, figured I had nothing exciting to say so why do it. It's been very nice here in Hawaii, and much sunnier than I remember it being last year. It's not quite like it was over the summer, but that's fine, as you sleep better with a little "chill" (is 75 degrees a chill?) in the air. We did the PCC again, the luau and the evening show. It was really nice, and once again amazing that they can keep up the kind of professionalism that they do day in and day out. It was a nice Christmas Eve though.

So, while I've been too lazy to actually read (can you believe it), I've really only been watching tons of TV and movies in my down time. Last night we watched the cutest movie, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I HAD TO post something about it because I found it so enchanting. It's not necessarily a movie I'd watch over and over again, as the first go at it is spent keeping up with the characters and fast paced dialogue. Overall though, it was a charming, fun film to watch, and different enough from what I've seen come out of Hollywood, that it really just grabbed me. In a way, Miss Pettigrew is a Cinderella story for the over 40 crowd. It was really quite charming, and I give it a high two thumbs up to anyone looking for something with a different feel to it.

Well, we're off to go do a little after Christmas shopping. I have some "Hawaiian" things I want to pick up while I'm here, so we're going to go see if there are any sales today. Until I actually have something to write about...Mahalo!

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