Monday, December 15, 2008

The Perfect Elizabeth

I came home tonight after working a 12 hour day, threw my work bag on the floor, and went in to take a nice hot bath and read. I've pretty much been grading non-stop, with stretches of procrastination in between, but the weight of knowing how much I still have to do keeps me from really getting anything accomplished! Anyway, I picked up a book that's been renewed three times and has to be returned to the library on Friday, The Perfect Elizabeth by Libby Schmais.I have to say it was an interesting read, and one that I would recommend to my 30-ish friends who are still searching for that thing--whatever that might be--that they are searching for in their lives. The main character, Liza, is close with her sister Bette, but honestly that's not what the novel is about. The entire plot circles around Liza trying to figure out what will make her happy. It's interesting, because it's not like anything is all that horrible in her life, but she questions and second-guesses if she's really moving towards her full potential and all that will "really" make her happy. Who hasn't wondered that? It's taken me until just this year to really feel plugged in again to my own life, and yet I'm always questioning if there is more I could do? Let's be honest here. I'd love the "ideal" this and that I was raised to want...not just because I was raised that way, but because--for the most part--I really do still want a good portion of it. But...(and I hate starting sentences with a CONJUNCTION!!!), there is a part of me that wonders what gloriously adventurous things I could do if I'd only try. What's holding me back from writing. Not even writing for any great purpose or end, but just writing? It's a romantic ideal to be a writer, but I can't say I haven't glorified the idea of sitting on a beach somewhere, or at a little wood table overlooking the Mediterranean from my home on a Greek island, considering the next line of my novel. What English major hasn't glorified that idea?!? Sigh...

Well, to wrap up, this novel has an interesting, yet realistic feeling to it about a 30-ish girl trying to figure out what matters most to her and how to attain it. Yes, there's a boyfriend in the book that she's actually living with, but for some reason, even he felt secondary to the journey she was taking. There are plenty of cliche's along the way, but I still kind of like the thought process this novel took me on, which at least got me away from work and grading for a little while!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to family and friends. Surprisingly, I'm not much in the Christmas spirit this year and it hasn't dawned on me to be alarmed by it. Should I be? I leave for Hawaii on Saturday, but I worry about what I find when I get there with the flash flooding they've been having and all the flood damage to mom's apartment. I guess it gives me reason, once again, to focus on those things that are most important. (Am I bad for just praying I have a bed and a TV to overuse while I'm there, to catch up on much needed R&R?!?) Well, until next time, all my best!

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