Thursday, November 13, 2008

Only Child Fantasy

Pretty soon, you're going to see a meltdown out of me! I'm not able to get through a book because I'm so freaking tired from grading around the clock. Can I whine for just a second?!? As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, I'm in demand. All day at school, it's non-stop. For a good week I worked through my miniscule lunch hour, just to eek out an extra 30 minutes of work (or forehead down on desk in "OM"-like status). Students who have been absent need to come in and get make up work, students in distress need tracking down to "remediate," lessons need planning, copies need copying, labs need reserving, curriculum needs planning, but it's the human demand that keeps me from really getting anything done. Honestly, I just can't get grading done until after 3 pm or by taking it all home. That's been pretty wearing lately, and for some reason I daydream about an only-child fantasy...complete ALONE TIME with no human contact. So weird of me, I know, but oh so true. Maybe I can go back here...

Well, I'm off today, but not really. I volunteered to go to the State Office today to help with textbook adoption. I have a little tredipation over what the day will entail, but I'm hoping it will include some free teaching SWAG! :)

Okay, I better go start getting ready. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get home at a decent hour so that I guessed it...GRADE. My mom flies in on Saturday morning, so I don't know how much reading or grading I'll be cramming in, but I have a major "overdue" fine on the second book in the Blue Blood series and need to get it finished!!! Wish me luck. Until then...Aloha!

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  1. Hope you find some alone time soon...I've had SO much alone time I am craving human interaction...maybe I'll have to call up the Aussie. Just kidding. And I will probably take you up on the free room offer..just don't know when I can leave work long enough!