Friday, November 14, 2008


I finally finished book two in the Blue Blood series late last night. It wasn't stellar, but does continue the story of Schuyler Van Allen, a mixed blood vampire living among the upper echelons of New York society. It picks up with Schuyler looking for help to figure out who or what is attacking and killing vampires (who are supposed to be immortal). This installment seemed to incorporate what felt like magic, which was strange in some ways, but interesting to consider. I'm not always good with suspension of belief, so I've had my moments of puzzlement. I still think the premise of a private school filled with "blue blood" vampires is pretty interesting, and while I'm more interested in what happens in the next book, it was still a good read.

Well, my mom flies in tomorrow morning. I can't wait! :) Until I can get back on here, or until I get another book read, Adios! One more week until my long Thanksgiving week off!!!

7 Days to Thanksgiving Break!

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