Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Have a New Boyfriend

Ah! Vacations. I took yesterday and today off so that I could spend time with my mom while she's here. While I have 160 essay-type assignments to grade over the break, I'm relaxed and happy! So, why have I not posted lately??? (Okay, so I doubt that matters much...but I'll share anyway!) Well, I got myself a new love, toy, pet...whatever you want to call him. Yes, I got a KINDLE, and I love him dearly. He is my new boyfriend...one that I think will be loyal and true forever...

I've been spending my hours searching through Kindle accessories, books, magazines, and blogs--not to mention the hours I've spent READING from its celestial screen. Do I recommend it? What do you think? :)

Other than my new love affair with Kindle, I've also had a chance to do some "book" reading and a little movie watching. Not a lot, but enough to refuel the battery. Shopping, eating, and sleeping have filled the remaining hours, so what else could one want?!? So yes, I went to see Twilight last weekend, and I really liked it.

I've heard a lot of criticisms about it, but I don't really care--I liked it and won't apologize for it! Can I also say that I also think Robert Pattinson is a great Edward. Minus a few weird, unwashed hair moments that I've seen of him on TV, I think this Cedric Diggory Brit (how could you not like the Harry Potter/Brit tie in here?!?) is pretty hot and makes for a good choice.

While it was cheesy, so were the books, so how could you not insert that into the films? Who doesn't like cheese??? As I've learned in teaching, you can't please everyone, so oh well if this blockbuster film didn't strike a chord with all its viewers. This viewer thoroughly enjoyed the escape that it provided.

Okay, so last but not least, I read a novel that I had to end my post with because it BORED me to tears! Let me acknowledge something clearly and up front. I HATE long drawn out mysteries. There have been a few "action" sorts that I've made exceptions for (i.e. Da Vinci Code), but in general, putting clues together over pages and pages of a novel bore me to tears. Listen, I've tried, but I just don't like them...along with SciFi. Yes, I've said it out loud. I don't like certain types of books. Line me out and shoot me by first light, but I had to get that off my chest. So, after getting about 100 pages into Playing James by Sarah Mason, I wanted to shoot MYSELF by first light! I thought it would be a catchy, chick read (as recommended by Amazon's "recommendations for you"), but it veered off into some mystery that I ended up skimming for another 200 pages. I got through the book, because I'm just masochistic enough to usually have to finish a book, but have to say that my own personal dislike for mysteries (crime and medical ones in particular) made it pretty hard to muddle through.

Let me say that it's not a horrid book, but please be a mystery lover if you dive into this faux-romantic drama. If not, avoid and move on to the next in the pile--or mountainous load of undending "to-be-read" books that yawn before you as I have. Anyway, either way, enjoy whatever you're reading! Share what you're into right now if you get a chance. I'm always curious!

Much love, Happy Thanksgiving, and happy reading! Until next time.

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  1. Hi! found you on bookblogs! I have been lusting over the kindle for quite a while, but am very hesitant to make the move. Then again, it took me forever to get an ipod and now I've had 3! :)