Monday, November 3, 2008

November Book Club Choice

Before I post, let there be a moment of silence for Bachelorette couple Deanna and Jesse... Yea, I actually got really into the show again with these guys, so I got suckered into thinking they might actually pull through. Hmm...guess I shouldn't be so optimistic (although I thought I was pretty much a pessimist as it was). I'm just a little sad. :( Make fun of me if you will, but I hoped she'd put aside her diva ways to keep this nice guy!

So, on to our book choice for this month. We're going to be reading a book by an author that Doc really loves. It's called Papa Married a Mormon by John Dennis Fitzgerald.

I guess Fitzgerald is the author of the Great Brain series, which Doc owns multiple copies of (so that her future children can enjoy), but she picked our current pick as a good overview of Fitzgerald's style. If anyone chooses to join us, let us know and post a comment if you have anything to add! Thanks, and let's hope poor Jesse (hey, that's my dad's I have to feel for the guy!) finds a great, down to earth girl!

Oh, and don't forget to VOTE tomorrow! :) I stood in line last Thursday for an hour and a half to place my vote (with a book in my hands, since it's pretty hard to write all over essays when you're standing), but I did it and saved my sticker to wear on the 4th. Until then, all my best!!!

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