Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby Read Along: Starting Line!

Today we're starting off on our reading of The Great Gatsby.  If you missed signing up or just want to join, here's the link, and here is the reading schedule:
  •  4/10 to 4/17  Chapters 1-2  (40 pages)
  • 4/17 to 4/24  Chapters 3-4 (47 pages)
  • 4/24 to  5/1  Chapters 5-6  (34 pages)
  • 5/1 to 5/8  Chapters 7-End (72 pages)
  • 5/10 --Go see the movie!
In preparation for today, I went to find my old, annotated copy of the novel on my bookshelves.  To my horror, it was nowhere to be found!  I tore through all my shelves at home, went through my books at work, and back through any closet or work bag I owned, but couldn't find it anywhere.  I'm so sad that I couldn't find it.  Losing an annotated copy of a novel kind of feels like losing a journal! Thankfully we had a textbook company send us an extra permabound copy at work, so our librarian was nice enough to give that one to me so I can start over.  It's time to "re"annotate, as well as reread!

Well, to get us going today, I thought I'd post a link to F. Scott Fitzgerald's Biography from  The site includes a nice video about Fitzgerald and some great pictures that I thought you might be interested to check out.

Finally, to get started, I'd like to know about your background with The Great Gatsby.  Below are some initial questions about Fitzgerald and the novel:
  1. When did you first read The Great Gatsby
  2. What was that first reading experience like?
  3. Have you read any of Fitzgerald's other works?
  4. Similar to other famous authors, why do you think Fitzgerald's work received more attention and acclaim after his death than before?
Respond in the comments below, or if you have a post up, post a link to your blog post so we can drop by!

For this first week we have a pretty easy read of just the first two chapters.  Start reading and drop by if something cool stands out to you!  I'm going to get reading and might be back to post an update or respond to my own questions.  :)  Good luck, and happy reading!


  1. I CANNOT WAIT until I can join this reading blog when I am done with school. You can count me in . . . after May 11th!

    1. I hear you. :) I hope student teaching is going well & the kids are being good!