Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: Off to Prom!

I know it's a little odd to have someone say they're headed to the prom, but that's what I've got to gear up for now!  I'm helping out as a chaperone, with a group of other ladies I work with at school.  It's actually really fun, so I'm looking forward to it.  That does mean, however, that I have to take a time out from the readathon.  Here are my stats...

Books Read:  1 Graphic Novel, and rotated 30-40 pages through 3 other books
Hours Spent:  5 hours
Unintentional Naps:  One teeny 30 minute nap that side-swiped me.
Snacks:  Strawberries all gone!  Yes, that was healthy, but the two Diet Dr. Peppers, not so much.  :)
Challenges:  None yet, but I'd like to when I get back.  I really wanted to do a chunk of reading before I left.

All right.  I'm off to get ready!  Hopefully I'll be back for part of the final stretch.  Good luck to everyone!


  1. There's nothing wrong with diet dr. peppers! They're diet! LOL…I think you may be making readathon history :p The first participant to ever go to prom mid event! :p

  2. Have fun at the prom! And I hope you have enough steam left for some more read-a-thoning when you get back. :D

  3. Graphic Novels turn my brain to mush all the time which is why I love them so much, especially when ol' noggin needs some TLC. HEHE.

    You're doing great, have fun with anything else and don't be afraid to take breaks.

    Stay strong; eyes open!

    - Cheerleader Nova

  4. Strawberries are a yummy snack, though!

  5. I'm always impressed with those readers who can read more then one book at a time during the read-a-thon!!