Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Blatherings: Just Another Downton Abbey Countdown...

Yes, I'm counting down the hours until Downton Abbey Season 2 starts back up on Masterpiece Classics.  I almost broke down and watched it somewhere online, but I resisted and am now ready to watch on TV later tonight.  I made a lovely dinner, have a friend here from out of town, and am geared up for some amazing Downton time!  (I'll own my nerdy English Teacher--Fan Girl--Anglophile madness.)  I'm just proud of the fact that I got my mother into it on New Year's Eve before she went home.  She'll be tuning in as well.  Check out this awesome trailer for the new season:

                     Watch Downton Abbey 2: The Critics Can't Stop Talking on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

As for reading and all that.  I'm not sure I know what that is?!?  It's end of term and my friend is here through Tuesday, so when I'm not visiting, I'm grading into the wee hours.  The essays are going a bit faster though, as they always do once I get into a routine.  I should be fine this term.  The only worry I have then is that my online class has their finals this week, and next week I start a brand new course at school.  It will all be okay, but reading might not be on my agenda until things even out a bit.

Until I can get back to reading, here's what I'm trying to make some headway in:

What great things are you up to this weekend and will you be tuning into Downton Abbey?


  1. It's finally here! Just be prepared and have lots of kleenex handy!

  2. Man, I should have finished the first season of Downton Abbey so I could be ready for the second. I need more hours in the day!

  3. Ah Downton how I LOVE you!! I've actually seen the first episode already…possibly illegaly :p But haven't seen anything after that! So excited about it!!

  4. So, Rocky Mountain PBS froze about 1/2 way through Downton Abbey and just went off air. Nothing but buzzing for the second half of Downton. I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

    Hope it was good, anyway. :(

  5. Speaking of “Downton Abbey,” I watched all of season 2 and the Christmas Special as well on Fast Pass TV for FREE.....I just could NOT wait until this year’s USA release. can catch all released episodes at

    There are many portal options for viewing when each episode is clicked. Each episode was made available after each Fall 2011 television release.....same I watched after each out-of-the-USA airing. Try it!

    Carla in Austin, TX

  6. I LOVE Downton Abbey! I have been so excited for it to start. How did you like it this episode? I thought it was fantastic; I love all the drama, and the added strain of the war this season.

  7. My parents just talked me into watching this series. I have the first episode recorded. Any idea of where to find season one?

  8. Read the Book--I know, I'm so glad it's back!

    Kailana--You'll have even more to look forward to though, so it's all good. :)

    Chris--Yes, amen to that! People kept telling me there were ways of getting Downton, but for some reason I was stubborn and held out. It wasn't easy though! I love, love, love Downton.

    Heidenkind--You cracked me up with the whole voodoo doll bit. I'm glad it came back on for you guys though. I'm sad it's not on at the same time though!

    Carla--I've preordered Season 2 since it will have that Christmas episode. I'm going to try to hold out for it. We'll see! :)

    Penelope--I'm so glad you caught it too! Having a great historical drama to watch is so nice! I loved this first episode but am really dying for the next one. I have a feeling I'll be like this until it finishes!

    Bree--I have watched it again on Netflix, where they have it posted through live streaming. Do you have a subscription?