Sunday, January 29, 2012

Late Sunday Blatherings

Today has definitely been a lazy day, which is perfect for reading and relaxing.  I'm not 100% sure why last week was so difficult, especially since I've finished up my online classes that kept me so busy at night, but it was one of those weeks that seemed to never end!  On Friday, I wanted to shut the door to my classroom and just walk out on time, but I decided to stick it out and get my giant stack of late and absent work all put in the computer and a stack of projects all graded.  As much as I hate that, I love coming home to no big project hanging over my head.

This weekend I've been trying to finish up Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, which I started last week.  It's really good so far, although I've been tweeting about my thoughts on the "romance" that isn't seeming to be all that romantic.  I have high hopes that it's going to get better though, since it has so many awesome Austen themes mixed in with the modern story that is set in Lyme.  I love the mood of the novel and am now dying to spend a huge chunk of time in England, traveling to some of the towns mentioned in the book.

Outside of doing a bit of reading, I cleaned my house from top to bottom on Saturday.  I love how it smells, feels, and looks now!  I had done some surface cleaning, but I really gave it a good scrubbing on Saturday and can now face another work week with things put in order.

Well, that's my pretty boring weekend.  I have been a little out of sorts though, so I'm going to embrace life's small moments of boring-ness when I get it!  I like nesting a bit, with some nice chunks of time built in for reading.  What about you?  What has your weekend entailed? 

Now.  Off to get ready for the fourth installment of Downton Abbey!  I understand that I need a stack of Kleenexes ready for this particular episode, so I'll be ready. 


  1. Uhg, I hate unromantic romance.

  2. I really need to watch Downton Abbey!

  3. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend to me. There's nothing that makes me happier than having my house clean and smelling great! Oh my gosh, that episode last night of Downton was so sad, wasn't it?!

  4. I haven't started watching Downtown Abbey yet, but I'm thinking I need to. Everyone raves about it and I love me some British drama.

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