Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Blatherings: What's Up?!?

Yes, I can hardly believe that it has been a week since I last wrote a post.  Things have been really busy, as I'm sure it is for everyone.  It's all good, but very busy.  To be honest, I struggled to get much reading done, because I fall asleep a couple of pages in.  Not good.

Although I've been a real snooze fest this past week, I did finish Phillipa Ashley's newest release here in the states, Carrie Goes Off the Map and am really excited to both review it and then have an interview with Phillipa later this month.  I've really grown to love her books.  I'm finally acknowledging what an Anglophile I really am, but beyond my love for all things British and an undeniable love for Chick Lit., her books are just great.  This newest one is yet another fun read with plenty of crazy, romantic tension.

Well, I do hope to get a few reviews or posts up this week, but it is going to be incredibly busy--again.  Thankfully we have two weeks off for Christmas break though, so I'm sure I can hang on one more week.  Oh, did I mention that I'm all done with Christmas shopping?  Yes.  I'm very proud & relieved to say that.

Here's what I'll be reading this week:

I need to have this read for book club this week!

Yes, I thought I'd check out the graphic novel version!
 I better get with it if I'm going to read the eight books I have left in my Goodreads goal!  Wish me luck in surviving my last work week in 2011.  I'm not sure I'll get much reading in this next week, but I can definitely see a lot of reading coming up over the holidays.  I CAN'T WAIT!  
What about you?  Are you reading more or less right now?


  1. I'm reading Snowbound with the Notorious Rake. Not a notorious rake, mind you, but THE notorious rake! Actually it's not that exciting. :P

  2. I'm going to be reading Unwrapped by Cari Quinn, and North of Need by Laura Kaye. I have to say I'm disappointed that I'm the only one who seems not to have liked Carrie Goes off the Map.