Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodreads Goal: Three to Go!

The holidays have been really great so far.  Here's what I've been up to:
  • Staying up late  (love, love, love)
  • Sleeping in  (love, hate, love, hate--love getting lots of sleep, hate seeing how late it is once I get going)
  • All the junk I couldn't do during school  (i.e. clean, organize, etc.)
  • Putting together that treadmill
  • Visiting the chiropractor 3+ times for putting together said treadmill  (Nice start to "good health.")
  • Graded 33+ essays and over 100 quizzes  (Only 70+ essays to go!  Ha, ha.)
  • Shopping for decor for my home  (I picked up some great stuff to go above my kitchen cupboards & an amazing piece of art for my guestroom.)
  • Did a LITTLE reading 
I've been waiting to get a document back from a publisher so I can post my interview with Phillipa Ashley, but with the holidays I think people are taking a much-deserved break!  It's still coming, but I have to wait just a bit longer.  No worries though.

Okay.  Now that I've shared a bit of what my holidays have entailed, let me get down to brass tax.  I was doing great on my 100 Book Challenge for Goodreads until the school year hit.  Ever since then, I feel as though I've been chasing that darn app, always managing to be a book or two behind.

Thankfully, setting my challenge has really pushed me to try out books and genres I might not have otherwise.  For instance, I have become a big fan of graphic novels.  Who would have thought?!?  There are some really great reads out there and I've enjoyed trying out ones I haven't read before.  When you only have a snippet of time, a graphic novel is a perfect option.  Audiobooks have also been a great option to fill in the gaps.  When I have had no other time than the drive to and from work, listening to a book has made me feel as though I'm still getting in a little reading.

Well, there's my update and challenge!  Wish me luck, since I'm on my way to finishing those last three books  (and 70+ essays...).  Here's to hoping I can actually finish it up before 2012.  Then I'll need to regroup and have a "Review-Writing" Challenge!

Did you set a Goodreads Challenge and where are you at with it?


  1. I set a goodreads challenge of 52 books and I met my goal last week. I plan to have one more book finished by Sunday. It was really motivating to have the app tell me "you're 1 book behind". Then I'd have to get off the computer and go read.

    My only complaint is that there's no way to weight a longer, more challenging book against a shorter one. If it takes me a month to slog through a 1000 page biography I would then have to go grab a bunch of lighthearted mysteries to breeze through in order to catch up.

    I'll definetly set another personal reading goal for 2012.

  2. You can do it!

    I challenged myself to 80 books and hit 93. I blame the kindle for making it easy to buy (and also why I'm broke). But now I want a rounded number. I doubt I'll make 95 in 3 days...

  3. I'm sure you'll be able to finish it, no problem! I kind of wish there was a New Year's readathon so I could spend all of New Year's Eve reading. :P

  4. You're doing great--98 books and you still have a couple of days! I blame Kindle too, with one-click buying.

  5. Heather--I'm ready to set a new challenge as well. I think I'll stick at 100 books though. What do you think?

    Amie--Too funny! Yes, the kindle makes it way too easy to buy whatever, whenever!

    Heidenkind--Maybe we should throw together a 1/2 "5K" to 2012K LOL. We should do a half read-a-thon and start at noon and end at midnight? That would be kind of fun! I'm just not good organizing that kind of stuff though.

    Canda--Oh, thanks! I hope I can finish off strong. Then I'll have to spend a bunch of time writing reviews!

  6. My GoodReads Challenge goal was 104 books. As recently as Thanksgiving, I was thinking I might make it. I don't know what happened in December! I just finished my 93rd book. Maybe I'll get one more in before midnight ...

  7. Wow 100 essays and 100+ quizzes. Good luck with that! I hope you made your goal.