Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Broetry by Brian McGackin

Let's talk poetry for a second.  I like it.  Yes, I like pulling out a poem or two that can make me feel like grabbing a pen or pencil to help me delineate new and interesting ideas.  Having said that, Broetry was filled with the types of poetry that rather than write all over it, I would snort aloud and then take it to share with someone.  These poems beg to be read and then shared with someone.

When approached by Brian McGackin about reviewing his short book of poetry, I checked out his blurb, and this is what sold me, "...With poems like Ode to That Girl I Dated for, Like, Two Months Sophomore Year and My Friends Who Don't Have Student Loans, we watch the Bro grow, from his high school graduation through his quarter life crisis and beyond..."  I like a good healthy dose of irony and satire, so I really had to check this book out and I wasn't disappointed at all.

Review:  Brian McGackin's short poetry compilation Boetry is a funny take on being a "Bro" and all that entails from a cheeky, occasional mock up of previous classical poems to funny new dedications/observations on popular culture and young adulthood.   The mix of college drama, popular superheroes, and single-guy angst was pretty funny to read and had me sharing them with some of the guys I work with.  Having said that, I don't think you have to be a single guy to enjoy these poems; they are light-hearted and funny and can be enjoyed by anyone with a sense of humor about contemporary society.

This little book of poetry is very much a satirical look at young adulthood and popular culture.  Yes, there is some strong language and references to drinking, but it's a Bro's view on his life!  For the audience and purpose in the poetry, I got a good laugh and think a few of my coworkers have picked up their own copy as well.  I really enjoyed this little collection of poems and can pretty much open it up at any time and get a good chuckle.  Besides, who said poetry had to be serious and philosophical all the time?  Where would we be without a good satire to highlight things in our society we don't always readily recognize.  Check it out!

*FTC Disclosure:  This review was based on a review copy sent from the publisher.


  1. I don't normally go for books of poetry, but this one has me intrigued!

  2. Ha! I love this take on William Carlos Williams's "This is Just to Say"--Redone through the eyes of a guy... too funny! Thanks for the review!