Sunday, November 20, 2011

Late Sunday Night Blatherings

What's up in my world?  Work is always a huge stress, so I won't bore you with those details, but I will mention that my AP students have moved on to our writing unit and my juniors are reading Oedipus.  We're hitting that, "Ew, gross!" moment in Oedipus, so I have a little laugh and then reinforce the bit about hubris, blindness, and friendships.  Despite their freaking out, they really do always end up loving this unit, so I feel somewhat successful in my various learning objectives.

A lot of other stuff is going on at work, but I'm trying to not let my job permeate every other aspect of my life.  That's easier said than done!  One big thing I did this past week was splurge on some big ticket items for my house.  I finally realized that the backaches were simply not worth it and went to buy a new bed, which I can't wait to be delivered!  I also picked up a treadmill, which I think is an essential at this point.  As our lives change, so do those habits we established earlier on in life.  A college student's lifestyle (at least for me), was much more conducive to fitting in a trip to the gym.  Now I'd rather die than come home late afternoon or early evening (forget early morning--that would be like 5 am and I'm NOT doing that) and put on gym clothes, brave the traffic and construction around my area to drive up to my gym.  In other words, I had to close the gap between my goal and my excuses!  :)  No more excuses.  Now I'll have a treadmill.  Although, I have to admit that I'm excited about the set up; I have a TV/DVD combo set up, with my Netflix live streaming ready to go.  Yep, no more sharing the televisions with about ten to twenty other people.  Who needs sharing at the gym?  Okay, so it's not that bad, but I am pretty excited about the new set up.

Now.  To read, or not to read.  I thought that Thanksgiving would be a great time to kick back and do some reading, but the way I see it now, I doubt that is going to happen.  Honestly, I'm okay with it.  We are having a great family holiday this year with a group of my extended family, just like when I was little.  Although not everyone will be there, it still has me so excited to hang out with everyone that I can hardly stand it!  Having said that, reading will have to wait.  I'm ready to play card games, sit around and chat, and eat our way to a food coma.  Can't.  Wait.  Although, I always forget the football games.  Maybe I'll take a book or two with me so I can read during the games? 

With all the Thanksgiving stuff this next week, do you think you'll be able to squeeze in some reading time? 


  1. Yay, new mattress! That's super-exciting. :)

  2. You'd think we'd find time to read during holidays but I always get caught up visiting too. Congrats on the new bed and treadmill. It's always fun to get things you've been wanting for some time. May your backaches soon be a thing of the past.

  3. Heidenkind--No kidding. I'm so ready to get rid of the bad bed I've been putting up with! :)

    Jenny--Thanks. I'm excited to get my new purchases. It will be really great!

  4. A new bed is not a luxury but a neccessity. Does your house have stairs, by any chance? Stair-training is wonderful exercise, particularly if you listen to music while doing it: exercise and pleasure time both. (Don't try to read. You'll break your neck.)

  5. I wanted a treadmill but it isn't real practical with my husband's Parkinson's. However, we have an exercise bike on its way to us, and that will be excellent for both of us.

  6. I have been looking at treadmills lately, but I don't exactly have a place for one at the moment. So, I will just keep looking until I get that all figured out. :)