Thursday, November 3, 2011

Masterpiece Contemporaries

As with many avid readers, I also have a love for all things Masterpiece Theater on PBS.  Thanks to Masterpiece, we have been given some of the crown jewels of fiction to film, so how can we not keep our eye out for what's up and coming?

Here's what is coming up this Sunday, 11/6 and next Sunday, 11/13:

An MI-5 spy thriller called "Page Eight" is up this Sunday, starring Bill Nighy as the aging spy, with Michael Gambon, Rachel Wiesz, and Judy Davis. 

Following this first Contemporary, will be "The Song of Lunch," which stars the amazing Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.  In this piece, Rickman is a copy editor/writer who meets back up with a former lover from 15 years ago.  The story unfolds from there. 

I know I can't wait for either of these showings, not to mention "Downton Abbey" series 2 that comes out on January 8th and will run through February 19th!  (I can't wait!)  There is always so much to look forward to on PBS when it comes to great dramatizations, classics, and mystery. 

See PBS, Masterpiece for all of their schedules and more about their 40th year anniversary. 


  1. Apparently Masterpiece will air all of Series 1 of Downton Abbey in December.

    I've cheated and have been watching Series 2 online, but I still can't wait for it to come to PBS!

  2. Alan Rickman OMG ALAN RICKMAN!!!! *dies*

  3. "Downton Abbey" Fans:

    No one need wait or pay to view all episodes of Season One or to view each episode of Season Two as it is released. I have been viewing each Season Two episode late Sunday evenings after each has been released on TV outside the USA.

    To view all episodes to date for FREE, go to: http: //

    Austin, TX

  4. I'm a huge fan of Masterpiece, but last Sun. and this coming Sun. I can't record it and can't stay up late enough for it. I can only record 2 things at once and we have other shows to record. Oh well, I'll see them sometime. I'm looking forward to part 2 of Downton Abbey this winter.

  5. @Barbara.....

    You always can access the last three to four "Masterpiece" episodes 24/7 in their entirety for specified periods at

    You also can access "DT" 24/7 NOW for FREE at


  6. Love, love Masterpiece! I often find myself watching it on the computer, however, since it runs against football. Can't miss a single game in our house!

  7. I'm so glad you posted this because as usual my TiVo neglected to record Masterpiece so now I need to see if it repeats soon.

    I cannot wait for Downton Abbey. love love love!