Sunday, September 25, 2011

Late Night Sunday Blatherings

Here I am, staring down the end of the weekend, wondering about the week to come.  Is work keeping me keyed up?  Well, only partially.  We had parent teacher conferences this last week, which are always a bit exhausting.  In some ways though, I felt like the parents that came out were there to express such encouragement and appreciation that I went home feeling really bolstered.  I can't even begin to say how much strength that gave me as a teacher.  That next day, I felt like I had that little boost of energy to make my lessons even better! 

With a couple of really late night and early morning meetings, I ended up with little time to really read.  That always makes me a little sad, but it's all about timing!  Instead, some of my pent up emotion this weekend has to do with all that is going on outside of work.  This last week was the anniversary of my father's death, and I'm facing down a big birthday.  That means that between 9/11, my dad's passing, and my own aging process, it has left me feeling a little off.  I'm mature enough to recognize that it's all normal and okay, so I'm just looking at it for what it is--another step in life.  Having said that, I found myself cleaning my house from top to bottom (who does that?!?) and then going shopping.  Yep.  My house is clean and I'm a little bit poorer!  Oh, and of all the weird things, I found myself wanting to rewatch the Royal Wedding.  It made me feel a little better, so who am I to judge my own wacky way of dealing with something?  Too funny--and weird!

 Speaking of being "poor," I picked up my tickets to Costa Rica this last week.  My best friend's parents live there and her one and only break for this year is going to coincide with my own fall break.  Since that's the situation, I'm going to head off to Costa Rica.  It hasn't hit me yet that I'm even going, but I know it will soon, since the trip is only three weeks away. The plane tickets were a little pricey, but it will be worth it to get to go spend a little time with my friend and her parents.  The fun location will really just be the sugar on top!  (Is it weird that I'm excited about a couple of plane rides so that I can get some good reading done?)

Well, I debated posting a peek behind the curtain this week, but I figure it's all the stuff that makes the person behind the blog real.  Right? Here's to a great week ahead, with a lot of reading and reviews to come!

How was your weekend and what are you looking forward to?


  1. Sometimes the stars align just right so that you just can't help feeling overwhelmed with sadness. It passes. I really don't know what to do about it except see a good movie or even better read a book that completely absorbs you. Your trip sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. Yeah, we all do weird and different things to deal. I hope you have fun in Costa Rica and get lots of reading done on the plane. I have a hard time reading on planes; I'm to busy dealing with feelings of claustrophobia. :(

  3. We didn't do parent-teacher conferences in high school. Once I got to high school I don't think my parents really cared anymore anyway, as long as I passed.