Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

I sure hoped to have this series finished before I left on my trip, but that didn't happen.  As the buzz about this series can attest, these books suck you in, so even I'm surprised I didn't finish them up yet!  If that last book wasn't over $10 I'd download it, but I think I can hold off and read it once I get back.  At least I didn't have to suffer for a lot longer like many readers did who anxiously waited for this last one to come out, so I have nothing to complain about!

Synopsis:  Still in search of her sister's past and her killer, MacKayla has started to adjust to the fact that she is part of a small number of sidhe-seers who can protect the world from the evil that is on its way.  As part of her powers, MacKayla can sense the magical Sinsar Dubh, an evil book that contains ancient, evil magic that could truly destroy the world.  With the fast approach of All Hallow's Eve, MacKayla learns of even more evil magic that is and could come down on the world and has to determine what, if anything, she can do to help stop its progression.

Review:  These books progressively get harder and harder to review.  The action just continues to build over the course of each book, and MacKayla gets so much more savvy with each conflict that the pace speeds up.  At this point, as a reader I feel completely invested in MacKayla and realize that she might be the real key to stopping the evil from taking over the world.  Although she is still determined to put her sister's death in perspective and to kill the man/evil being who murdered her, Mac seems much more focused on joining other sidhe-seers and good guys in defeating evil.  The thing is, this evil seems REALLY evil and beyond comprehending its power.  The mystery behind it all, and even what fuels it, keeps you flipping pages.

Jericho Barrons continues to play a major role in the story, but always as the brooding guy who seems to put her down to make her stronger.  This is definitely not a story nor relationship that has all the cards out on the table.  MacKayla might feel that Jericho is dangerous and too mysterious to get mixed up with, but she still seems to give him enough credit to trust that he isn't out to kill her.  Although I want to kick Jericho in the shins half the time, I can see that the mystery surrounding him really has helped to propel the story forward.

This installment, has what I think is a pretty sad and startling ending.  There really is no resolution, and your agony and feelings for Mac triple.  After this book, I will admit that I'm all in and have to hurry and finish the final two in the series.  This dark fantasy series is gruesome, sexy, and gut-wrenching.  Honestly, it's unlike anything I've ever read before, which makes it even more thrilling to read; I just never know what will happen next!

*FTC Disclosure:  Review is based on a personal e-book copy of the novel.


  1. Looking forward to this book. I am almost finished with Bloodfever.

  2. The ending to this book was SO DEPRESSING. Just wait till you start the next one!