Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Favorite Movie Lines & Memories: French Kiss (1995)

One of my favorite movies of all time is French Kiss (1995) with Meg Ryan and Kevin Klein.  Of course my trip coming up has given me a renewed interest in this favorite movie of mine, but when I went on a search through my DVD collection for it, I realized that it was gone!  To make a long story short, I really had to search to find a replacement, which kind of scared me.  Is this movie that obsolete that you can't find it anymore?  I felt a slight need to hoard the movie and buy several "just in case," but I resisted. 

If you haven't seen French Kiss, it's quirky and funny, and in my book--a must see.  Below is a quick trailer from the film:

Listed in the menu section of the DVD are the trailers for a bunch of other movies I'd almost forgotten about.  It made me want to rent them all, crawl into bed with a nice bowl of popcorn, and take a walk down memory lane!  Tell me if any of these movies make you smile or transport you back to 1995:

Ever After

One Fine Day

Great Expectations

Picture Perfect

Never Been Kissed

Cousin Bette

Pardon my walk down memory lane, but these movies needed to be brought back up again!  There's a certain romantic quirkiness to most of these romantic comedies that dates them, but makes them so fun to watch.

My favorite line(s) come from French Kiss.  First, I can't stop laughing when Kevin Klein tells Meg Ryan, "When people tell me they are happy, my ass begins to twitch."  (Pronounced with his French accent and it's a sure laugh every time.)  We also named our cat "Bubs" from the movie, which I had to really search for a good clip of, but you can see at about :50 in the clip below.  (Sorry about the subtitles!) 

Have you seen French Kiss?  If not, what is one of your favorite "go to" films that seems to have all your favorite lines?


  1. The Breakfast Club and Say Anything both have some classic lines and also transport me back in time.

  2. I HATED Never Been Kissed. When she started about how she'd been kissed but not "really" kissed, I got totally lost.

    ANYway, since you asked, I love the P&P miniseries (of course), The Butcher's Wife, Down with Love, and Mumford. I also quote from Anastasia (the animated version) all the time. There are so many great quotes in that movie, for realz. "Men are such babies." "Stress! It's a killer, Sir!"

  3. French Kiss and One Fine Day are two of my favorites. Notting Hill and The Holiday are two of my go to movies. I just don't get tired of them!
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  4. Oh, my gosh, I love ALL of these movies! It was a great year for "chick" movies, wasn't it?!