Saturday, June 5, 2010

48 Hour Challenge: Hour 14 Check In

Okay, so it's a little past the 10 hour mark I said I'd report in, but that's all right. Can I just say that I think I have narcolepsy or mono? Ha, ha. Since getting here to Hawaii, all I've done is sleep, and I mean SLEEP. I started reading for about 30 minutes last night, and then fell fast asleep. I finally gave up and went to bed. Since getting up this morning though, I was determined to finish my first book before writing my update post.
Here are my stats:
  • Hours Spent Reading: 3 1/2 hours
  • Books Completed: 1, Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase
  • Pages Read: 354
  • Online Time: 45 minutes
  • Hours Into Challenge: 14 hours
Not a great start, but at least I was honest about my complete inability to be an around the clock reader! After about 10 hours of sleep, I think I'm ready to be a bit more focused today. I'm heading out to go for a walk (which I love to do when I read...I call myself the master walk-reader), and then I promised my mom we'd head out to a matinee today. That will also allow me to go pick up Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, since from what I understand, I'll instantly need to read it after The Hunger Games. I'm actually reading these with Dar, from Peeking Between the Pages, and she's already started The Hunger Games, so I better get going! Mahalo to everyone, and I'll check back in later. I hope your own reading is going well today.
Goals for today:
  • Read for at least 6 to 7 more hours
  • Finish The Hunger Games & purchase book two
  • Take my mom to a movie today, as that's her one true wish since I arrived!
  • Later tonight, circulate the web and Twitter to see how everyone else is doing.
  • Beg another mango off of my neighbor? :)
Here are a few of the flowers in my mom's yard that I just couldn't resist snapping a picture to share!


  1. Becky, the flowers are just gorgeous! Wow, I'd love to be in Hawaii right now. lol.

    I'm about 100 pages in on Hunger Games and it is really good. It's a fast read. I imagine I'll come close to finishing it tonight, if not finishing it. If I do, then I'll start Catching Fire tomorrow and do my reviews of both later in the week. In between there, you and I can chat.

    Enjoy that movie with your mom! Talk to you later.

  2. Love the flowers! I'm getting super jealous of how fast everyone reads.

  3. Wow, such beautiful flowers! I can almost smell them :) Which movie will you see? I can't read around-the-clock either. Enjoy what you do read :)