Monday, June 7, 2010

48 Hour Challenge: Finish Line

I finished up the 48 Hour Challenge tonight. I spent more consistent time reading today, but will admit to not getting in as much time as I would have liked. This challenge was productive though, and I had a chance to read a pretty popular book that's been kicking around, The Hunger Games. It was a pretty good read, even if two chapters from the end, my mother yelled at me from the kitchen, "Put the book down now. It's time to eat lunch!" Admittedly, that was not a good moment to take a break, but I managed.

To wrap things up though, here are my statistics:
  • Hours Spent Reading: 12 hours
  • Books Completed: 3 1/2
  • Pages Read: 1, 223 pages
  • Hours Online: 5 1/2 --includes chat time w/ Dar about The Hunger Games
Here are the three books I finished:

I also got part way through:

Overall, I didn't quite reach my goals, but for as zombie-like I've been about sleep, I think that's pretty good! Now, I'm off to read some more before bed. Can you imagine? Thank you to MotherReader for hosting yet another great 48 Hour Challenge this year. Whether you joined in to read or not, I hope you've had a great weekend and read something great yourself!


  1. The Hunger Games was one of the most gripping books I've read in the past couple of years--an excellent challenge choice!

    And I want to read Betwen The Deep Blue Sea and Me...

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for playing!

  3. Please tell me you have Catching Fire and The Maze Runner. So jealous, but glad you are reading so many fun books!

  4. Strange Neighbors looks like it might be a cute read.

    Now you've read the Hunger Games. *sigh* That means I really am the only person who hasn't read it. :P

  5. I'd say it's more than pretty good! Well done :)