Friday, April 22, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon Tomorrow

Yes, it's 4/22, and I'm returning to my blog for another readathon.  Reading has been a struggle since school started, and while I go in major reading jags, I simply can't settle in to any one book or genre.  Simply put, I need a focused readathon to pull me back together.  I'm always excited for these readathons, and I've invited my students to participate.  Some will, some won't, and some might cheat--true.  I really just want to get them to see reading in a different way and to see book culture for what it is, a great community of readers who support one another's reading habits, interests, and likes.  What more can I say?

Tomorrow morning I have to administer a practice AP test, so in the midst of that, I'll be grading and trying to read.  I can't say that I'll do much of that though.  Once I finish, THEN I can come home and get things rolling.  Here is what I plan to read for a bit:

I'm about 25 pages from completing this AMAZING little book.  I am excited to read the final section, close the book carefully, and then contemplate the messages.  What a book!

This one I have on audio, and I think you should always have an audiobook on hand, when you just can't focus or need to get up and do something.  This one is narrated by Dan Stevens, from Downton Abbey and other fine films--enough said, and is set during WWI.  I've been taking a few classes on WWI, so I wanted to listen to a fictional story set in that era.  Gritty, but good so far!

 When I want an emotional read, I'll switch to the follow up novel to Me Before You to keep reading the story that leveled me and left me feeling forever changed.  I really want to keep going on this one, but realize that I need a time I can just focus on this one and not be interrupted.  Tomorrow is the perfect time!

I really love this series, and since this is book 2, I would like to wrap this magical read up so I can move into the 3rd book.  I've been reading these for much too long, especially considering how much I enjoy them.  Here's hoping I get to this one!

Finally, when all else fails, sleep--I mean READ about sleep.  I picked up this new book by Arianna Huffington, as a long-time sufferer of several sleep disorders.  As I've gotten older, the sleep issues have changed, and I'm always trying to figure out what works best other than consecutive days in a row of little sleep to send me into one glorious night of sleep.  (That method doesn't really work.)  I recognize the joy and wonder of sleep, and I'd like to get better about my sleep habits, so I'm eager to dive in with this one as well.

All right.  There's my introduction to the readathon tomorrow.  Here's where you can go to sign up and to learn more:  

 Will you be joining in on the readathon tomorrow, and if so, what are you most looking forward to about it or to reading?


  1. I listened to Dan Stevens read And Then There None not long ago and he did a fantastic job! I should definitely check out more audiobooks with him.

    I will be participating in the Readathon tomorrow—see you then, I hope!

  2. Looks like some great reading ahead. I hope the readathon gets you back on track!