Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What are We Doing?

Give me a moment to say THANK GOODNESS IT'S SUMMER BREAK!!! :) So, where are we at with our reading? Like all "real world" people who work and feel overwhelmed, we all got behind! We have scheduled to go see several different Shakespeare plays in August at the Renaissance Festival in Cedar City, so that will cover Shakespeare, right?!? Yea, I know...it won't even begin to cover all that I would need to know!!! Just don't tell me that or I'll freak out!

Doc has done really well with all the reading. She hasn't been thrilled with it, and she's now reaffirmed the fact that she doesn't really like "classics" or "educated" literature. I had to laugh though because she said that she thinks it's because she like YA lit and other such "frivolities." The reason I laugh? Because I like them too!

Anyway, this is the month of Shakespeare, so if you're reading along, you should be reading his plays. If you're like me, I just finished To the Lighthouse. I thought I'd really like Woolf's book, but the last official section that goes to the lighthouse seemed rather odd to me. I need to pull up some articles so that I can connect more in it. I'm still reading Hardy's novel too. I have to own up to the fact though that I got behind because I started reading Stephanie Meyer's books Twilight and New Moon because my students were going crazy over it. I've also been reading Uglies, yet another YA book that has been popular with my students. I try to stay up on their stuff so that I can know what to recommend or not. That's not an excuse, but I can say that I've still been reading!

Best of luck if you're following along, hanging on, or any of the above! School is out, I'm in Idaho now enjoying a nice Idaho summer (which I still contend is the best out there), but will be traveling back and forth. My best to all of you! Happy Summer!!! :)

22 Days to Greece and Turkey!!!