Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: Emma volumes 4 & 5 by Kaoru Mori

As far as manga goes, this has been a fantastically fun introduction into this new world.  Since I'm reading these in batches, I thought it best to introduce them in batches!

Synopsis:  In this installment, William finds himself pressured to develop a relationship with fellow socialite Eleanor.  While at the opera, Eleanor lets him know in no uncertain terms how she feels about him, pressuring William to address his future with or without Emma.

Review:  Once again, the tension of the story is built up to drive a wedge between Emma and William, even though their "relationship" has been of the Victorian, understated kind.  I found myself really despising Eleanor and am not sure if the pictures were meant to make her look quite so young?  In some ways she felt like a snivelling, insecure little girl looking to get her claws into William out of a sense of low esteem for herself.  Yuck!

Synopsis:  Emma is asked to escort William's mother back to London, where we begin to learn about a tense and sad back story about William's parents that has driven them apart.  Not only do we begin to feel a sense of sadness and tension for Emma and William, but also for his parents.  Emma's return to London as an escort inevitably throws the two together, where Emma learns of William's attachments.  How is she expected to feel or act?

Review:  Talk about drama in this installment.  In fact, I was flustered and frustrated when I flipped to the last page and found I had to wait for Volume six!  Even though these stories are driven by the nuance of pictures, the feelings of each character feel evident to the reader.  I hurt for Emma and kept hoping for her happiness and security.  As with a middle installment, there is still much to come, which I am eager to check out!

*FTC Disclosure:  This review is based off of library copies of both pieces.

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  1. Ooooh, just wait until volume 6!

    I don't know if I hated Eleanor, but she was annoying. I'm not sure she can think for herself.